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For greater, or less distances, and with lighter loads or heavier, the payment was pro rata. Refusal pay the recognised tariff, attempts at over charges, or disputes about the weight and distance, landed the offender in prison for a month. As the sun westerns, preparations are made the country people for trooping home, but are intermitted whilst quiet groups steal into the four hospitals, at the bidding the Vesper bell, and there, whilst mechanically counting down their beads, they write my paper co mentally If a lull comes over the busy scenes trafficking, but a cover for the activities unfortunate beggars whilst dicers, gamblers, and rogues every degree look out their hiding places. Vagabond boys, whose tongues were wont wag in concert at brutal street games, pilfer where they will and can, and little children, running home from school, carry scares and tales amid bitter tears and rippling laughter.

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Evening coming apace finds many a group which essay writing service is the best interested hearers gathered around the seats the story-tellers, for few things did Florentines more thoroughly enjoy than tales romantic or war. Now laughing, now crying till salt tears ran down the cheeks all, the speaker's pathos touched sympathetic chords, and every one dipped into a shallow pocket for a coin some sort or another cast into the charmer's proffered cap. At times strange exhibitions amused the leisure hours the busy workers for example, a great sensation was caused the capture, in the Mediterranean, a mermaid or syren.

Presented the Signoria, was exposed public view in the Palazzo Vecchio, and excited universal astonishment. Very fitly was called in the public notices The Fish out Water a term ever after custom dissertation writing service offensively applied any foolish freak, and especially when an official the State proved himself an unskilful workman ! Night settles down upon a sleeping city, whilst ghostly sbirri, watchmen, steal along the streets with clanking iron-shod staves and glowing lanterns. All the public wants in food and drink were supplied in the Mercato Vecchio. Originally the cattle and sheep market was held in the Old Market, but the inconvenience became intolerable, and a more suitable site was found in Borgo d'Ognissanti.

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In the same way the stalls the Butchers were later felt unsuitable and encumbering in the Market, and they were removed the shops upon the Ponte Vecchio.

Fish was first sold, course, the banks the Arno, as soon as was landed from the river boats, but, later its sale was taken in hand dealers in the Mercato Vecchio.

This proved a nuisance, and as early as a small fish-market was opened in a shed erected at the Lung Arno end the Ponte Vecchio.

The Grand Duke Cosimo I.

rebuilt the Loggia del Pesce, and put the inscription Forum piscariuui usq. hue temporitur Quadragesimalibus customized research paper Pontem Veterum frequentabatur? Attached this Fish-market was a small market for the sale fruit and vegetables which could not find room in the Mercato Poultry, game, and pork, alive and dead, were brought daily market the country people, and were sold at the shops the Arte degli Oliandoli The cries these creatures dissertations help added not a little the hubbub the scene. Falcons, goshawks, and other birds prey, were not allowed sold publicly, whilst faddists and lovers feathered songsters, among the latter being Leonardo Vinci, went about buying the little birds give them With Poulterers were allied Greengrocers, and no stalls in the market were gayer than those which were daily decked with flowers, and fruit and vegetables.

The Giglio course was the prime favourite the famous iris-lily Florence, but roses and pinks filled the air with fragrance, as did the bunches sweet herbs and lavender. The painters have preserved the form and colours the floral treasures the hillsides and gardens the Contado Botticelli and his mates. Of fruit there was no dearth, and endless was the variety. Yellow apricots divided first honours with pine fruit and prickly pears brown medlars, piled in baskets, had for neighbours what looked almost like strawberries, but were luscious arbutus berries. Children spent their piccioli upon the glossy brown berries the Giuggiolo jujube-tree, and the oval cherry-berries. In summer time water-melon sellers reaped rich harvests, but many a thirsty soul preferred the acid juice the Nespolo, the yellow medlar, or the fresh made lemonade the lemon squeezers from the Vicolo de Limonai. Nuts too were in universal demand, and none were more toothsome or more in favour with the apprentices than the little kernels the stone-pine.


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