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Statutes LArte de Rigattieri delta Magnifica Citta Firenze give the Guild its full official and courtly title, were drafted, and were amended and adopted in the following year.

The Codex Membranaceo? under date March, has two manuscripts, numbered respectively.

The former contains the Statutes, etc. the Rigattieri, Linaiuoli, Sarti and Venditori panne, and begins with the dedication In the name the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. This made and composed in honour Almighty the Virgin and St.

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John, the men who are Consuls and Rectors the Arte deF Ementium Remnant-dealers?, vendors cloth, and vendors fur essays writing help linings. The manuscript well written, as are most the records the period, but the language employed that also common all a mixture base Latin with many abbreviations and local colloquialities, almost, if not quite, undecipherable.

The earlier sections the manuscript deal, as usual, with the Statutes and rules for the election Consuls and other Guild officers. One rubric deals with apprentices convicted theft, who were visited a fine twenty-five gold florins and the Several rubrics prescribe observances at the burial members such as the burning ceremonial candles in the chamber death, the display banners, with arms the Guild and the family, at the doors the deceased's house, etc. Sarti tailors are specially named in the manuscript. They are not make or use stuff mixed with Struppa stoppa fine hemp or tow, and Bambix bambagia coarse cotton, such as was used for lamp wicks. In short, Sartia mzsta mixtures, The second manuscript the document dealing with, and settling, the purchase a house custom writing assignment entitled Compra residenza Rigattieri etc. but goes name the Linaiuoli the flax weavers, as the actual owners the property behalf The signatures at the end buying term papers online the Code Statutes are crosses, buying research papers online more or less ornamental, with the names the Consuls written underneath in a different hand quite suggestive the inability these Magnificos pay for paper append their own signatures ! These Statutes the Guild were revised and further additions were made.

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At the revision the Statutes, the following rubrics, among many others, were enacted with respect the Guild. Any one selling woollen cloth or Sargia d'Irlanda, Irish frieze, was required use not only the Canna measure the Calimala but also the Passetto, yard measure the Market. This regulation was rendered necessary reason the custom selling fine cloth when fully stretched. Breaches this rule laid the offenders under a penalty one hundred lire! The Retail-dealers were not allowed sell Zendado the richest silk taffeta, or Imbacciacinato highly-raised brocade, any the Popolo Minuto. The fine for infraction was fifty lire, which was accompanied the withdrawal the selling license the dealer, and the confiscation the illicit merchandise.

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Retail-dealers, called frequently members Arte de Boldagiori wert allowed sell woollen cloths the following review writing service descriptions Romagniuolo Roman wove, Bigello frieze, Burello coarse a level german essay help cloth, Cremonense Cremona wove, Pignolati fine linen, and all other kinds except redressed foreign cloths, whether manipulated in Florence, Milan or elsewhere. They were forbidden sell pouches stamped or decorated, caps, belts, fine silk scarves, veils and any sort stuff greater weight than one pound. Small metal basins, mortars, pieces ivory and other small articles were sold at much the pound weight. With the Retail-dealers and Linen-drapers were generally classed best dissertations Pennaiuoli stationers, Copertolari coverlet-sellers, Farsettori doublet-makers, and Coltellinai cutlers, together with Dealers in raw flax, hemp, canvas, and string nets. Their shops were not opened before the ringing the bell for matins, and had shut before the stroke four in the afternoon. All tailors were directly under the jurisdiction the Ufficiali delta Grascia, the Surveyors Markets and Trades, who carefully inspected and noted the quantities and qualities clothwoollen and linen which phd thesis help they had in their shops. Not only but the price which they were permitted charge for each garment they made was fixed, and upon each value a certain tax was levied the State.


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