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One the hospitals in the group buildings at Eudowood bears the name Blode. Mr. Blode one the county's foremost citizens online report writing help and taxpayers. Would that had more his kind! Henry Longnecker, who at the time this cartoon was drawn was connected with The Jeffersonian.

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He died March, alter having spent a long and useful life in newspaper work.


Longnecker was a man sterling qualities and his loss mourned not only his coworkers the staff The Jeffersonian but as well a host friends BENEATH William George Harrison, the Printer's Devil, but otherwise more familiarly known among his associates as Happy. Like his namesake Hooligan, Happy gets into a good many scrapes, but always emerges with a broad smile. II a part his essay buy a term paper custom writing duty keep the machinery well doctoral thesis defense oiled, and although ofttimes gets more oil his face and hands than the machinery, nevertheless manages keep TN the centre help me write a good thesis statement Logie Bonnett, who kept I busy looking after the business, editorial M and cartoonical interests the paper. AT THE lower left-hand corner Bill Koch, otherwise more help thesis politely known as William, who the official pressman. He feeds the paper upon which The Jeff printed the big press, which passes the funshed product Fatty Hughes, otherwise more politely known as Harry, who in turn prepares said product for mailing. can i hire someone to write my essay IN THE lower right-hand corner Harry Flayhart, whose official title Commodore.

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It somewhat a mvstery how acquired this title, as the only time has ever been known at sea was when asked arrange a freak advertisement. assignment writing service review The Commodore's duty set all advertising matter that appears in the paper, which does with all the bluster and tenderness a mother hen.

ABOVE Harry Fuller, the broom artist.

who keeps The Jeff office and plant just as spick and span as would Old Dutch Cleanser, and when comes running errands quickly, Harry right and around Baltimore county. If yer mug was left out 'Taint no use! rve buying a term paper online traveled this yer country from town often, but when take in everything from A ter Ther other night decided ter ther theater, took our horseless carriage, a darn good buggy, ther old family mule made our way ter ther show house. When got in front I lit old pipe, after gittin a glimpse ther crowd lookin at those comin in handsome paper help limousines or lima beans, as yer ant ter call them ther poor every day feller clinging ter his girl and hoofin suddenly heard ther sweet strains music comin through the flapping doors.

I feel pretty sure that I would have tried ther fox trot or some other those fandangle dances if iMame had been lone that darn music seemed ter limber bit. In went. I was rendered spellbound when I beheld ther decorations. It took back ter ther days when I was kid, yer know that's been some time ago. I thought e'd entered a fairy land, that used admission essay writing service ter read ter bout when she sat her knee. Over pesky old head hung a great canopy light blue every now then a big gold star. Doves were suspended from ther ceilin and there was plenty them at that.


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