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The last act Robert Steele, the Governor, was a proclamation asking that all officers, especially all jtidg-es, surrender their commissions and abstain from the exercise the duties their office.

With the inauguration the territorial government in order was brought out the judicial chaos into which the adherents Jefferson Territory had plunged the whole Rocky Mountain region. All courts, whether Jeffersonian or Kansas, or holding authority from the various miners districts or the City Denver, ceased automatically exist the day the territorial thesis binding officers took charge affairs.

The organic act creating the new help for writing a thesis territory ordered the legislature, elected under divide the territory into three judicial districts each district presided over a judge who was have his residence in the district.

These judges, the act provided, should sit separately as district judges in their respective districts, and write my report for me jointly as supreme The first three district and supreme judges appointed President Lincoln were Benjamin Hall New York, Chief Justice Charles Lee Armour Ohio and Newton Pettis Pennsylvania, Associate Justices. Chief Justice Hall's commission was dated March, while Justices Armour and Pettis received their commissions three days later. The court was organized July.

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When the legislature help me essays convened created three judicial districts in accordance with the provisions the organic act. The first help writing a paper for college district was known as the Central City District, with Judge Armour as its judge.

The second district was known as the Denver District, best freelance writing websites with Denver as its headquarters Chief Justice Hall presided over Judge Pettis was assigned cheap writing services what was known as the Southern District.

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Canon City was originally named as the residence the judge this district, but later the legislature first changed Colorado City and then Pueblo. The creation the judicial districts was followed the adoption a code, which remained in force until was amended. Though the new territory had three judicial districts and three judges, some time elapsed before the courts got into good working order. Judge Pettis, from all that can learned, was not favorably impressed with the district assigned him and returned his home in Pennsylvania without ever having held a single session court. Allan Bradford was appointed fill the vacancy created his Judges Hall and Armour entered upon their duties soon after they had qualified. Hall remained in office two years, holding court in Denver.

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His successor was Stephen Harding, a former governor Utah a man who proved very unpopular, not alone with the attorneys practicing at the law, but with the people his district generally. Unpopular as Harding was, still was better liked than Judge Armour, the third President Lincoln's original appointees. Armour was a very eccentric man and managed make himself very unpopular his manners and his decisions from the bench. Lawyers who had cases pending in his how to buy essays online court absolutely refused try them before him. They either sought remove them one the two other districts, changes venue, or had them continued and continued again, in hopes that the judge would resign or removed. Petitions for his removal were circulated but Matters finally reached such a stage that the territorial legislature took cognizance the enmity the attorneys towards Judge Armour. A law was enacted creating a judicial district Costilla and Conejos counties, inhabited largely Judge Armour was assigned professional business letter writing services this district, but the legislators had reckoned without their host. Instead taking his residence in the new district. Judge Armour refused pointblank He remained at Central City drawing his salary and enjoying life generally until, when left the state.


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