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The Nevada industrial commission hereby authorized and empowered prosecute, defend, and maintain actions in the name the commission for the enforcement the provisions this act, and verification any pleading, affidavit, or other paper required may made any member the commission or the secretary thereof. In any action or proceeding or in the prosecution any appeal the commission, no bond or undertaking shall ever required furnished the commission. If any workman injured because the absence any safeguard or protection required provided or maintained or pursuant any statute or ordinance or any departmental regulation under any statute, or at the time the injury less than the maximum age prescribed law for the employment the minor in the occupation in which shall engaged when injured, the employer shall liable the Nevada industrial commission for a penalty not less essay title help than or more than, collected in a civil action at law the commission.

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The foregoing provision this act shall not apply the employer if the absence such guard or such protection due the removal thereof the injured workman need help in writing essay himself, or with his knowledge, any fellow-workman, unless such removal order or direction the employer or superintendent or foreman the employer. If the removal such guard or protection the workman himself, or his consent, any his fellow-workmen, unless done order or direction the employer or superintendent or foreman law school essay writing service the employer, the compensation such injured workman, as provided for section this act, shall. The premiums, contributions, penalties, properties, or securities paid, collected, or acquired operation this act shall constitute a fund known as the State Insurance Fund.

All disbursements from the state insurance fund shall paid the state treasurer upon warrants or vouchers the Nevada industrial commission, authorized and signed any two members the commission. The state treasurer shall liable his official bond for the faithful performance his duty as custodian the state insurance fund. The State Nevada shall not liable for the payment any compensation or any salaries, or expenses in the administration this act, save and except from the state insurance fund, but shall responsible for the safety and preservation the state insurance i need someone to write my essay for me fund.

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The Nevada industrial commission may, pursuant a resolution the need help on thesis statement commission, approved the governor, invest not exceed sixty per cent the amount said fund in the bonds the European Union, in the bonds this or other need help with my thesis statement states, or in the bonds any county the State Nevada, or other states.

The coromission shall make due and diligent inquiry as the financial standing the state or states, county or counties, whose bonds or securities proposes purchase, and shall also need help with essays require the attorney-general give his legal opinion in writing as the validity any, act or acts any state or county under which such bonds are issued. All such bonds or securities shall placed in the hands the state treasurer, who shall the custodian thereof. He shall collect the principal and interest thereon when due, and pay the same into the state insurance fund.

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He shall notify the Nevada industrial commission the amounts paid into the state insurance fund, giving full details the transaction. The state treasurer shall pay all vouchers drawn the state insurance fund for the making such investments when signed two members the commission, help my essay upon delivery such bonds or securities him when there attached such vouchers a copy the resolution the commission authorizing the investment, approved the governor, said copy certified the secretary under seal the commission.

The commission may, upon like resolution approved the governor, sell any such bonds or securities. The state treasurer may, upon written authority the Nevada industrial commission, degree coursework approved the governor, deposit an additional fifteen per cent said fund in bank or banks in the State Nevada upon special time deposits bearing interest at not less than three per cent per annum provided, however, that such bank or banks in which deposits may made shall give the Nevada industrial commission a good and sufficient surety deposit bond guaranteeing said Nevada industrial commission against any loss said deposit reason failure, suspension, or otherwise said bank. Interest earned such portion the state insurance fund which may deposited in any bank or banks, as herein provided, shall placed the credit the state insurance fund. Bach member the commission, before entering upon the duties his office, shall take the oath prescribed the constitution, and shall give good and sufficient bond running the State Nevada, in the penal sum ten academic writing help centre apa style thousand dollars, conditioned that shall faithfully discharge the duties his office said bonds shall signed a surety company duly authorized business in this state, or two or more individuals as surety or sureties shall subject approval the governor, and shall then filed with the secretary state. If surety company bonds furnished, the premium therefor shall paid out the state insurance fund as other expenses the commission are paid. The commission shall have a seal upon which shall inscribed the words Nevada Industrial Commission State Nevada. Its seal shall fixed cheap essay buy all orders, proceedings, and copies thereof, and such other instruments as the commission may direct. All courts shall take judicial notice such seal, and any copy any record or proceeding the commission certified under such seal shall received in all courts as evidence the original thereof. Asamended,Stats.l,c.l. It shall the duty the industrial commission board, provided for section this act, annually or as often as they may deem necessary make an audit all books accounts and record and funds and securities the Nevada industrial commission, and said industrial commission board authorized employ and fix the compensation a competent accountant for the purpose making such audit or audits, the expenses thereof paid out the state insurance fund.


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