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With the first shock the hemiplegia a slight fall temperature upon the easy essay help surface the paralyzed side occurs, then a rise as vasomotor relaxation takes place, and after a week or two a final and permanent Over cerebral growths and abscesses an increased temperature may noted, and over the left hemisphere, more active in the normal individual, an increase a degree or more often noted, especially In paralysis agitans a local rise may noted over essays about service the affected muscles, and in pneumonia over the affected lung. A slight rise temperature takes place during digestion. In most diseases the temperature may taken twice daily. In continued fevers, especially in typhoid, when the frequency bathing depends upon the indications the thermometer, common test the temperature every two or three hours and bathe the patient if register above.

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As a chill generally accompanied with sharp rise fever, the thermometer should used in case one occurs, and especially in septic and malarial fevers. The slight fever in the afternoon in beginning tuberculosis and other obscure diseases must determined systematically taking the temperature every two or three hours if not otherwise detected. The usual temperature chart, with record the pulse and respiration, passage urine and feces, occurrence chills, sweats etc. and with space for noting the administration food and medicines, used in cases prolonged illness. The graphic portrayal the temperature curve means lines connecting all the points indicated shows the physician much more the course the disease than a study the individual records, and such a procedure should carried out the nurse when possible. Significance Fever. A rise temperature signifies that some poison circulating in the blood or some reflex irritation disturbing customer service essay the heat regulating mechanism.

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Fever often a protective reaction, and should not regarded as entirely harmful.

The dilatation blood vessels which goes with especially in some local focus trouble, brings a large amount blood the diseased tissues, increases cellular activity and phagocytosis, and may thus aid in the development those antitoxins upon which recovery depends.

Certain bacteria are hindered in their growth high bodily temperature. High fever may completely neutralize certain poisons, which the best example its well-known effect in preventing essay writing service online the slowing Although excessively high temperature, as in sunstroke, directly threatens life, most damage in the aggregate done the organism the continued high temperature such prolonged diseases as typhoid through the degenerative changes which result. A few weeks fever degrees or degrees much more damage than months the slight and intermitting fever such as see in chronic Fever accompanied increased pulse and respiration buy essay cheap rate, and the custom writing discount code aching the back and head, feeling soreness, illness and restlessness, which term collectively malaise.

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Thirst, loss appetite, lessening the urine, constipation and mental disturb ance, often amounting delirium, are also noted. Loss weight one the striking phenomena continued fever, even though very mild. Chilliness or definite rigor may noted either at the beginning fever or during its course, especially when a marked The urinary waste, especially the urea, increases during fever, and, because the lessening the total amount the urine, this becomes particularly noticeable, a heavy deposit urates being familiar in these cases, even the laity. The suppression the saliva and the other digestive juices has much with the development the anorexia continued fevers. The pulse generally rises eight or ten beats per minute for each degree C fever, and the respiratory rate, entirely aside from local pulmonary disease, increases about two per minute for each degree. A still sharper increase the respiratory rate, leads suspect help writing a report pneumonia or other pulmonic disease. A pulse rate slower than usual in comparison with the temperature has some diagnostic significance. Thus in tuberculous meningitis the pressure at the base the buy an essay online cheap brain slows the pulse rate, while in yellow fever and certain other diseases, accompanied jaundice, the biliary poison in the system produces a similar effect.


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