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The cost high living seems not have troubled our predecessors those earlier days, as fivedollar-a-plate banquets were the rule, and the record the first banquet committee contains as one item, bottles wine. each. Our friend, John Hipp, in this day Prohibition triumph, must somewhat amused recall his first modest dry motion, made at a meeting the Association, that the banquet committee consider the question as whether wine should dispensed with at the coming banquet. The motion was carried, and the banquet committee seems have considered On August, the Association was incorporated, and its objects were epitomized in the following rather The objects for which said Association content writing services vancouver formed and incorporated are To advance the science jurisprudence promote the administration justice secure proper legislation encourage a thorough legal education uphold the honor and dignity the bar cultivate cordial intercourse write my personal statement for me among the lawyers Denver perpetuate a history the profession and the memory its members acquire, own and hold real and personal property, including a law library, club house, etc.

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in furtherance said business and objects. Without oastin.

may said that our Association has striven constantly and with some measure success towards the attainment these ends, and that some them, at least, are in a fair way towards accomplishment. The Association, through the voluntary contributions its members, in the shape three dollars set aside from every five dollars paid in, as the annual dues each member, has expended ten thousand dollars its law library in the court house, and continuing add the library at the rate about one thousand dollars per year.

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In addition this, the City and County, in the earlier and more struggling days the library generously contributed three thousand dollars toward this fund, and still provides the library quarters Cordial intercourse among buy homework papers the lawyers Denver has been cultivated, not only the banquets, but monthly limcheons, hich has been the custom during the past few years help with writing a thesis statement hold.

At these have entertained and have heard interesting talks from many prominent college papers to help writing thesis statement buy visitors, and have discussed timely topics local and professional interest, and have become better acquainted, judges and lawyers meeting in friendly companionship. the meetings, business letter writing service in the earlier days, the secretary's record shows that frequent adjournments had taken for lack a quorum, a quorum consisting thirteen members.

In these personal statement services for residency later days have had as many as one the Orphans Court Baltimore County, resides at Loreley in the Eleventh district.

Prior his election the bench for several years served the public as a Justice the Peace. Both as Justice and as Judge made a record which and his descendants may justly feel proud.

He was at all times courteous and attentive and was quick grasp the right and justice a matter. Whenever rendered a decision the parties affected, whether favorably or adversely, felt that their cause had been fairly and impartially weighed and considered.

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Although generally a very quiet man. Judge Bradley remarkably well informed upon a variety subjects and, when among friends, frequently gives vent his store typical Irish wit. He bears the distinction being the oldest man ever elected the Orphans Court, but his faculties are still unimpaired and takes a lively interest in the public affairs the day. Judge Bradley's hobbies are not generally known at importance of paraphrasing the county seat, but may safely surmised that one his apa paraphrasing citation great joys his old corn-cob pipe. Long may live enjoy his pipe and the respect and esteem his fellowcitizens in the county! WHEN anybody around Govans gets a pain or a chill nine times out ten gets in touch with Duncan, the most popular and successful physician in that locality. Dr. Duncan a brother Judge Frank. Duncan and possesses many His Honor's personal attractions. He has a large and lucrative practice and enjoys tlie confidence and esteem most everybody around Govans, irrespective their religion, politics or previous condition servitude.


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