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Cautions were further addressed the packers loads straw and inflammable materials.

The burden for each donkey was not exceed two hundred pounds in weight, and compactly and evenly ordered.

Vegetable-dealers, and others like calling, were also cautioned about the bulk fire-wood they led into the city. No timber more than two yards in length need help writing nursing papers and two hundred pounds in weight was permitted for each animal. Restrictive laws were in force also with respect the amount firing which a citizen might purchase. In the case private houses no more than two ass loads were allowed, at factories and shambles larger quantities were permissible.

No one was permitted hawk about, in carts or pack animals, coals, pitwood, straw, or any other such matters.

The barge and boat men the Arno were under strict regulations and bye-laws.

Once a year in the month January they were required give security the amount one hundred lire that they would neither lade, carry, nor land, any contraband or merchandise white paper writing services which was contrary the laws the State. They were forbidden load for export grain, vegetables, olive-oil, fruit, bulls, oxen, pigs, wine, cheese, beyond an hundred pounds in weight, salt meat, fish, lake-tench, baked-bread above a bushel, mushrooms, pay to do and all other comestibles, scheduled for home consumption the officials Or San Michele.

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In spite all these careful, not say restrictive, measures, the operative classes, and many even among the better citizens, were remarkable for their disregard the ordinary rules eating. Improper food, ill-fed meat, and bad qualities, were as little considered as were, in badly managed homes, the simple and cleanly laws cooking. Many Provvisioni were passed against purveyors supplying inferior descriptions food the poor, and against uncleanliness in the preparation the people's table.

The Statutes the Guild were revised and added, and.

At the final grouping the Lesser Guilds in, Arte degli Oliandoli Pizsicagnoli was included in the first University the four along with the Beccai, and the Fornai, and the Association was styled Universita For San Piero University Saint Peter's Gate.

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Whilst a complete list all the articles sold the Oilmerchants and General Provision Dealers would a very lengthy document, will suffice schedule the following, as being the principal items Olives fresh and bottled, olive-oil various qualities, olive-wood ashes for religious and domestic purposes, crushed olive beans, cedar fruit, dried cedar-wood for fumigations, Rub.

cclii. R ccliv pine-cones for burning, mulberry leaves for silk-worms, chestnuts whole and powdered, sweet oranges, cucumbers fresh and pickled, beans whole, crushed, and salted, herbs fresh and dried, cereals and corn stuffs, all sorts fruit and vegetables, cheese, butter, eggs, salt, pork fresh and salted, beans, best essay writer company sausages, lard, dried fish all kinds, dried meat whole or in powder, and every In another category were Straw in bundles, or made into bands and mats, rope and string, sieves, hoops for tubs, tubs, casks, barrels baskets, nets, wicker-cases for oil-jars and wineflasks, willow-withs, bottles and glass articles all kinds, pitchers and pots in stone, earthenware, and metal, flails for thrashing corn, canvas all lengths and strengths, soap, tallow, grease, candles wax and tallow, pitch, tar, and what not. In Franco Sacchetti, Simone della Tosa, the Peruzzi Codex, the Libra Montaperti the accounts the Alberti, the Prov visioni, and other sources, find a great number interesting details about the values and prices commodities all kinds in Florence during the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth The best cheese came from Lucardo, in the Val d'Elsa, where they make good cheese, as the common report had Much also was imported from Sicily and Sardinia, as well as from Apulia, but upon all such foreign supplies a tax ten soldi was charged, for each thirty pounds weight. On October I, notice was given the Officials the Mercanzia the arrival at Leghorn, a ship laden, among other things, with three hundred and fifteen jars best content writing websites or casks clear olive-oil, eighty-five unrefined oil, and forty thousand The Customs officials at the Gates were a very acute sort men, and in truth they had need for in a trice they could detect the massive gold chain a Siena Magnifico underneath his See Perrens, Appendix. silken jerkin, and punish him annexing not only but the good cob was riding also ! The Market people suffered greatly at the hands these nimble gentry. Richard Dallington says I saw a poore country-woman, who coming the gate pay her tolle for a basket Lettice she brought one the foxes, who I thinke could smell a goose, for could not possibly see any, searched under the hearbes, and finding one dead without feathers, sent the poore woman away halfe dead for Whilst Florentines were moderate in the consumption butchers meat, they were very partial a preparation called Mischiasto desiccated beef, an import from Barbary. This meat powder was sale at all the shops the Guild. The worldly wisdom the Florentines in their aptitude for striking good bargains amusingly illustrated a wise saw the period with respect the purchase grain When you buy oats look out that the measure not filled too quickly, for will always sink two or three per cent but when you sell, fill quickly The monopoly salt was in the hands the State, which owned the ancient pits at Volterra, Portoferraio, and Castiglione but upon Guild Oil-Merchants and General Provision Dealers devolved the retail-sale this indispensable commodity. So important the community at large was its supply that in the Guild became popularly known as Arte dei Venditori del Sale The Guild Salt-Merchants.


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