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Strangers visiting Florence, and seeking accommodation, were instructed, the officials at the gates, apply at the Offices the Guild, at the Canto, or corner the Via de Speziali.

Certain Inns were set apart for the reception foreigners, and others, for natives Tuscany, living outside the city boundaries. All these hostelries were directed advertise their willingness take in visitors exposing, in some doorway or window, a bottle By one Statutes no Innkeeper was allowed exhibit, inside or out, any other public sign than that the Guild arms and none were permitted this privilege who had not paid all Guild dues, State taxes, and any fines, which had been, Innkeepers were expressly warned not admit any pretext men and women evil fame.

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There were also strict rules affecting the food and drink supplied landlords their guests, for example No host, innkeeper, cook or any one else was allowed cook in his house, hostelry, or kitchen, liver, sausages, kidneys, and sweet-breads, nor offer such for sale. Innkeepers were strictly warned not sell wine or potables any kind the poorer people. They were in no way a rival trade that Wine merchants.

They might sell beverages i don't want to write my paper guests and persons in their houses, but not outsiders. All wines required the stamp the Custom-house. With respect the housing pack mules and horses, no stables were permitted immediately under the windows rooms occupied visitors. Certain streets and localities were set apart for the purpose, for example, the Via Lontanmorte had ranges stables for baggage academic writers online animals, and sheds for the deposit loads. The affluence visitors became great that, only eight years after the incorporation the Guild, there were as many as eighty-six Innkeepers and retail Wine-merchants in Florence and Games chance were forbidden in Inns, Taverns and Hostelries within the city and the Contado, as they were in all places, within three hundred braccia any public thoroughfare. The Residence the Consuls Arte degli Albergatori Maggiori was situated in the Palazzo Lamberti Simonetti, in Via de Cavalieri, and opposite the Palazzo de Pilli.

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The front was finely carved in hard stone.

The architrave had four shields with arms, among them the escutcheon the Guild, a red star a silver field.

Within, in the Council-chamber, was a finely painted ceiling the fifteenth century, borne upon paraphrasing worksheet marble pilasters inlaid with mosaic. Very many relics this fine building are preserved in the National Museum in Florence.

Among the ancient Inns which were destroyed in the clearing away the Mercato Vecchio and its neighbourhood, were del Cammello, near Porta Rosa, formerly the Palazzo della Corona, Via del Proconsolo, in the house the Buonafi family. was held Ambrogio Giovanni, called i don't want to write my paper Romanello from his affectation del Guanto, Via San Romeo. This Inn was a fore gathering place for the workers in kid and fine leathers. della Marciana, at the corner Via dell Arciveccordo, top custom essays in a house belonging the Pecori family. del Moro, Via Vacchereccia, the property the Fantoni family, and a famous lounge for site that writes essays for you the superior silkworkers the Setaiuoli Grossi. dell Ossa, Via del Piazza, belonging the Bizzini family. del Re, Piazza de Macci, the property the Macci, and San Luigi, corner Via alia Paglia, appertaining The families named here were all members Guild Innkeepers, their houses were registered in the Guild books, and they received periodical visits inspection from the Guild officials. In Via de Speziali were four much frequented hostelries del Giglio, del Cervo, della Rondina, and del Falcone. Near San Martino stood the popular hostelry delle Bertucche, the Baboons, called from the fancy its worthy write my paper fast hosts for the rare and curious animals brought Florence her merchants and their agents in foreign parts.


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