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Orders for minor improvements have been issued against some the slaughter-houses, which orders, with few exceptions, were promptly complied with. In the past the provision the Sanitary Code prohibiting the driving cattle, except between the hours, and one hour after sunrise, were frequently violated.

Officers the Health Squad were frequently detailed arrest offenders against this section.

The co-operation professional research paper writers the Police Department was also secured, that now the illegal driving cattle through the streets almost unknown.

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Any violation sure result in the arrest the offender. The work cow stable inspection, commenced last year, was unfortunately interrupted because the necessity transferring the Inspector assigned this work other duty.

After several months delay, two Inspectors were made available for this work, which was thereupon resumed.

All the dairy stables in the borough have now been inspected where the conditions were such that the stable could not put in sanitary condition, the keeping cows was ordered discontinued. Where improvements were required, these were ordered.

With the exception about five stables, in which the proceedings have not yet reached a final stage, all the unsanitary cow stables in the borough have been abolished or put in sanitary condition. When this work was commenced, assignment writing service nz there were in this borough stables, in which were help with writing kept, cows.

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At the present time there are stables in which, cows are kept, showing that unsanitary stables have been abolished.

In prosecuting this work was laid down as a matter policy that no additional cow stables should permitted. Some the cow keepers whose stables were in unsanitary condition were permitted erect new stables, in accordance with plans filed with the Department Health.

Four such stables have top ghostwriters been erected, all in sparsely settled districts, and all, with one exception, provided with connections the street sewer.

The Inspectors are now engaged in the work raising the standard cleanliness among the dissertation coaching cow stable keepers. In many cases this a difficult task, but hoped persistent effort materially custom college papers improve In connection with the work cow stable inspection the water supply all dairies using water other than cheap writing service City supply has been analyzed. Twenty-three wells were found contaminated, and were closed the Department. The inspection milk has been carried much custom report writing service as in the past. During the eleven months ending November, arrests were made for selling adulterated milk, and fines the amount, were imposed. The courts have co-operated heartily with the Department, convictions being almost invariably obtained in milk cases. One persistent offender was sent jail for thirty days, without history essay writing service the option paying a fine. On August the Milk Inspectors were transferred from the Division Inspections and placed under the control the Chief Chemist. Shortly after, the Chemist formerly duty in Brooklyn was transferred the main laboratory, where all milk work During the summer months attention was given the enforcement the section the Sanitary Code prohibiting the sale milk the temperature which above degrees Fahrenheit. As this a comparatively new section, not as yet fully obeyed.


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