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The force necessary maintain this branch the Department consists one Engineer, one Fireman and two Stokers who have immediate charge the boilers, steam plant, heating, electrical and fire apparatus the building. When found necessary materials have been purchased and many repairs and additions have been made in the steam heating apparatus the building and metal flashings have been provided where needed conform the regulations the Fire Department.

Thesf repairs have been mostly made our own employees, thus saving considerable expense the Cit. Owing the prevailing high price coal, a considerable saving was effected changing the grate bars the boilers, enabling the use cheaper fuel, and arranging the heating apparatus that the fires could banked and the heat shut off from all parts the building not in.

use after, with the exception one room used the Telephone Operators employed during the night. Maintenance Department Building.

The Foreman Laborers in charge the two Watchmen, two Elevator Attendants and Cleaners six male and nine female necessary keep the premises in a proper and sanitary condition, reports that the work his subordinates has been performed in a very satisfactory manner, and that, while the many alterations and additions the building has necessarily increased the labor, the work has been performed the regular force without additional expense the Department. Alterations the Department Building. The reconstruction the interior the building has been made in such a manner as greatly facilitate the business the Department, and the offices the various divisions have been located as most convenient those cooperating with them in the transaction the necessary routine work. Many great improvements have been established, making more congenial citizens dissertation writing services usa visiting the Department business, and enabling the clerical force more promptly attend matters requiring their services in dealing with the public. For the information persons having business with the Department, a large sign board has beeen erected at the main entrance, giving the exact location the floor and room number the different divisions tlie Department the rooms each fioor being provided with metal signs specifying the designation the occupant and the number the room. In addition, an individual directory containing the name the Commissioner Health and the name and designation each official attached the executive staff the Department Health placed conveniently near the The basement was formerly used mostly for storage purposes, but has now been converted into a large, airy and commodious room for the accommodation children applying for vaccination and those desiring certificates emploj ment.

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A separate entrance has been established the Fifty-fifth street side the building, thus relieving the usual crush at the main entrance during the sy season. On the westerly side the building an isolation room has been established with a separate entrance directly the street for the temporary care and confinement persons calling at the office, affficted with contagious diseases. On the south side the building, occupying at least one half the entire basement floor, a large swimming tank had been erected the former owner the building this tank has been arched over and made into a fireproof vault in wdiich are kept the valuable records Births, Marriages and Deaths reported this Department, with an elevator direct the office the Bureau Records the third floor. On the Fifty-fifth street side the building an old vault has been made into a fire-proof room for the storage disinfectants, with a separate entrance leading directly the street. The quarters assigned the Division Contagious Diseases were found inadequate and more space was furnished pay someone to write paper assigning the Sanitary Division the second floor, and shifting the Mercantile Division, the Burial Permit and Complaint Clerk's offices the space vacated, the dwarf partitions were then removed about ten feet in width and the space formerly used the Burial Permit office the westerly side the building included as afford ample room additional toilet facilities for both men and women were established and rooms were provided for the vaccination women and the treatment persons afflicted with rabies. The Burial Permit office was assigned one the rooms vacated the Chief Sanitary Inspector, and a window cut through the wall adjacent the main entrance for the transaction business during the night, this room also being used the night Telephone This floor business plan writers nyc was formerly occupied the Commissioners Health, three in num ber.

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the room occupied the President being used as the Board room the Sanitary Division was assigned the southerly portion the building, and the Division Bacteriology, the office the Assistant Sanitary Superintendent and the office the Order Clerk the northerly side same.

This was accomplished after considerable remodeling make the quarters suitable for the purpose. The rooms occupied the Bureau Records best cheap essay writing service the southerly side were rearranged, and afl the steel cases containing the records vital statistics were stored in the fireproof vault in the cellar. Space was provided for a representative the Assistant Chief Clefk collect the fees and issue the necessary orders for searches and transcripts, for the convenience persons applying for same. The office the Attorney and Counsel was installed in the room formerly used the office Accounts and Supplies the northerly side, the balance the space being arranged accommodate the office the Chief Clerk the Department. The offices formerly occupied the Secretary the Department and the Attorney and Counsel the northerly side were remodeled accommodate the offices the Commissioner Health, the Private Secretary the Commissioner and the office the General Medical Officer, while the offices the southerly side were assigned the Sanitary Superintendent and the Assistant Chief custom writing paper service Clerk, the library being extensively remodeled and newly furnished, used as the Board room and office the Secretary the Board. Additional rooms were provided and assigned the Telephone Operators and Stenographers and Typewriters the same floor.


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