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Such report shall furnished the commission in such form and in such.detail as the commission may, from time time prescribe, and shall make special answers all questions required the commission under its rules and regulations. It shall unlawful for any person, firm or corporation, agent or officer i need help with coursework any firm or corporation, or any attending physician or surgeon fail or refuse comply with any the provisions this section and any person, firm, or corporation, agent or officer any firm or corporation, or physician or surgeon, who fails or refuses comply with the provisions this section, shall guilty a misdemeanor for each and, every offense, and, upon conviction thereof, shall punished a fine not less than fifty dollars nor more than two hundred dollars. Any physician, having attended an employee within the purview this act, in a professional capacity, may required coursework samples testify before the commission when shall direct. Information gained the attending physician or surgeon, while in attendance the injured man, shall not considered a privileged communication, if required the commission for a proper understanding the case and a determination the rights involved. Whenever any accident occurs any employee, shall the duty the employee forthwith report such accident and the injury resultiag therefrom the employer, and shall also the duty any physician employed such injured employee forthvrith report such accident and the injury resulting therefrom the employer and the Nevada industrial commission. Whenever any accident occurs any employee, and knowledge same comes the attention the employer such report or otherwise, the employer may at once designate, and send the physician chosen such employer and authorized such employer in writing and the physician, chosen, shall permitted, the employee or any person or persons in charge said employee make one examination said injured iployee in order ascertain the character and extent the injury occasioned such accident.

Thereupon, shall the duty the said physician, chosen, forthwith report the employer and the Nevada industrial commission the character and extent the said injury, as ascertained said If the happening the said accident, or the infliction p£ said injury said employee, shall not have.been reported 'by said employee or his said physician forthwith, as above desoribed and immediately after the happening said acci dent and injury, or if the said injured employee college research paper writers or those in charge him the injured employee being paper writer service a party the refusal shall refuse permit the employer's physician, chosen, make such examination, no compensation shall paid for the injury claimed to result from said accident but shall within the discretion the Nevada industrial, commission relieve said injured person or his dependents from such loss or forfeiture compeiisation, if the said Nevada industrial commission shall be the opinion, after investigation, that the circumstances attending the failure the part the employee, or his physician, report said accident and injury are such as have excused the said employee and his physician for such failure report, and that such relieving the employee or his dependents from the consequences such failure report will not result in an unwarrantable charge against said state insurance fund. Where a workn an entitled compensation under this act shall file with the department, his application for such, together with the certificate the physician, who attended him, and shall the duty the physician inform the injured workman his rights under this act and lend all necessary assistance in mating this application for compensation and such proof other matters as required the rules the department without Where death. results from injury parties entitled compensation under this act, or some one in their behalf, shall mak application for the same the department, which application must accompanied with proof death and proof relationship showing the parties entitled compensation under this act, certificates attending physician, if any, and such other proof as required If change circumstances warrant an increase or rearrangement compensation, like application shall made therefor. No increase or rearrangement shall operative for any period prior application therefor. No application shall valid or claim thereunder enforceable unless filed within one year affer the day upon which the injury occurred or the right thereto accrued. Notice the injury for which compensation payable under this act shall given the commission as soon as practicable, but within thirty days after the happening the accident. In case the death the employee resulting from such injury, notice shall given the commission as soon as practicable, but within sixty days help with report writing after such death. The notice shall in writing, and contain the name and address the injured employee and state in dinary language the time, pldce, nature and cause the injury and signed said injured employee, or a person in his behalf, or in case death, one or more his dependents or a person their behalf.

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No proceeding under this act for compensation for an injury shall maintained unless the injured employee, or some one in his behalf, files with the commission a claim for compensation with respect said injury within ninety days after the happenipg the acci dent, in ease death, within one year after such death.

The notice required this section shall best essays served npon the commission, either delivery and leaving with a copy such notice, or mailing registered mail a copy thereof writing service personal statement in a sealed, postpaid envelope addressed the commission at its office, and such mailing shall constitute complete service the faililre give such notice or file such claim for compensation within the time limit.

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specified in this section shall a bar any claim for compensation under this act, but such failure may excused the commission. one or more the following grounds That notice for some sufficient reason could not have been made.

That failure give such notice will not result in an unwarrantable charge against the state insurance fund. That the employer had actual knowledge the occurrence the accident resulting in such injury! That failure give notice was due employee's or beneficiary's can i buy research papers mistake or ignorance fact or law, or his physical or mental inability, or fraud, misrepresentation. The books, records, and pay-rolls the emplqyer pertinent the administration this act shall always open inspection the commission or its traveling auditor, agent, or assistant, for the purpose ascertaining the correctness tte pay-roll, the men employed, and such other information as may necessary, for the commission and its management under this act. good essay writing website Refusal the part the employer submit said books, records, and pay-rolls for such inspection any member the commission or any assistant presenting written authority from the commission the offending employer a penalty one hundred lars for each offense, collected civil action in the name the Nevada industrial commission and paid into, the accident fund, and the individual who shall personally give such refusal shall guilty a misdemeanor. Any employer who shall misrepresent the, department the amount pay-roll upon which the premium under this act based shall liable the Nevada Indus V, trial commission in ten times the amount the diiference in premium paid and the amount the employer should, have paid. The liability the Nevada industrial commission shall enforced in a civil action in the name the Nevada industrial commission. All sums collected under this section shall paid into the accident fund.


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