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Convulsions from general irritation the brain may from unknown cause, as in epilepsy from drugs or other poisons from without, such as lead, alcohol, strychnin, etc.

from those generated within the body, as in uremia and asphyxia from the poisons an infectious disease, as in children at the onset scarlet fever, or in the course chronic diseases, especially rickets from anemia the brain, as after hemorrhage from congestion the brain, as in hanging from the cortical irritation accompanying certain diseases the brain, such as the inflammation meningitis, or the degenerative Reflex convulsions arise from some powerful online research paper writers paraphrasing worksheets 5th grade iftfluence operating upon the brain from a distance, as in the severe pain renal colic, or after violent injuries.

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Sensitive children may have convulsions from the irritation teething or indigestible food.

The occurrence convulsions serious moment in children, since lesser causes will excite them if the habit become established.

The convulsions hysteria are less severe than those have been considering, someone write my paper for me excepting in the case hystero-epilepsy, buy mba thesis in which more violent movements and unconsciousness are often present. Abnormal psychic conditions are common in other than purely mental diseases that every physician mnst pay some attention them. The variations in degree in the development these faculties are great, according the race, age, native mental ability, college paper help opportunities for education and general environment, that nothing but a wide experience with people in all walks life will guide the physician in determining whether they website for paraphrasing are normal for the particular individual under consideration.

A marked change from a previously known condition great significance. Idiocy, imbecility, help with creating a thesis statement and dementia are likely attract the attention the physician as the first question asked, if the filthy, unkempt or inattentive manner the patient has not already made apparent some form mental deficiency. The milder grades lack intelligence, such as dullness, stupidity and congenital weakmindedness, become apparent upon further examination.

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These various grades mental disability may depend upon congenital structural defects, as in idiots, or upon damage inflicted dissertations writing service upon the normal brain at birth, as in infantile hemiplegia, or upon faulty development, as in cretinism.

Memory can scarcely tested for lack a proper degree intelligence in many the classes defectives considered. The development mental trouble in those previously normal intelligence an extremely frequent phenomenon, and arises from the most varied causes.

Simple temporary exhaustion may weaken the brain for the time that the memory becomes defective, and all the mental faculties less alert than usual. The failure in cerebral nutrition in the arteriosclerosis advancing years often renders the memory, doctoral thesis help research paper writing service cheap especially for recent events, inaccurate and even wholly defective. Pronounced chronic anemia, especially that hook-worm disease, and the pernicious form, render the patient dull, stupid, and apathetic. Chronic diseases which impair nutrition, as cancer, heart disease, cirrhosis the liver, starvation, buy a term paper etc. are often accompanied progressive failure in mental power. PABESTHESIA, TREMOR, VERTIGO, COMA, ETC. Coarse cerebral damage, as tumor, hemorrhage, thrombosis, syphilis, the cortical changes paretic dementia, or the results traumatism, gradually undermines the intelligence, even though consciousness not lost. The development myxedema, cachexia strumipriva and epilepsy may act in a similar manner. The intoxication acute infectious diseases, notably typhoid fever, impairs the intelligence in various degrees until coma reached. Deficient mentality may apparently present when aphasia, agraphia, or other lesion the mechanism expression the chief or even the Exaltation and depression are, in minor degree, normal mental phenomena, and may even felt with changes in the barometer. The administration alcohol, ether, and other drugs, congestive conditions the brain, as in the delirium acute fevers, and certain mental diseases, notably acute mania, are associated with mental exaltation. Depression very common in those exhausted chronic disease, and in neurasthenics, hypochondriacs and hysterics.


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