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Great as was the influence Umiliati upon the inlustrial life the Florentines, was even more emphatic in its iligious and charitable bearings.

Their example and teaching ippealed irresistibly all classes the population.

The peers merchants and manufacturers in mental calibre, Humble Brethren were also the equals artizans and operatives in lanual skill. They were laymen, and as such with no special lass distinctions, they were in full accord with the human inirests their neighbours.

Brethren in labour they were at the The Umiliati exhibited daily how was possible and pro able combine toil and worship.

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To fear God and honour lan was the initial tenet this faith. The daily recitation, in leir chapel, The Hours and various lay devotions, attracted lasters and workpeople alike.

There was something virile about leir way serving which agreed admirably with the in incts the Florentines. Very soon there sprung in groups and families the selfime spirit sobriety, morality, and devotion. The hospitals -ere visited regularly, and serious men and women joined heart and soul in the daily offices.

speech writing services This was nowhere more remarkable personal statement writing help than at Santa Reparata. The clergy, ever tactful, gauged the temper the people, and admitted them freely choir and lectern. Immense psalters, with their great big black square notes, were set at the entrance the Sanctuary, in order that men and lads might stand around and join their voices the clerical recitations.

This admirable observance was continued in the new hospital Santa Maria del Fiore, and still to-day regarded as a special and highly valued privilege, all the rightminded men-folk the city. No less admirable was the effect the example the Umiliati upon the charitable instincts the people among whom they settled. Their ready sympathy with every form suffering and adversity, their loving care children and the aged, and who help me write a good thesis can write my thesis their own self-denying lives, won the affection and imitation all with whom they were thrown in contact.

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Intolerant almost brutality any mere mawkish sentiment and maudlin ministration, the thirteenth century Florentines were greatly affected all that was manly and chivalrous.

A high-toned piety and a discriminating charity became write my persuasive paper guiding lights upon their life and their work. Florentines shared with all other Catholics a profound veneration for the Madonna, regarding her under many attributes. paraphrasing in counseling Early art had fixed her personality and her power upon the intelligence as well as upon the vision her devotees. The whole city, for example, kept holiday when Cimabue's famous picture was ceremoniously escorted through the streets its place in the Rucellai Chapel in write essay service Santa Maria Novella. Santa Maria Cigoli, near San Miniato Monte, Santa Maria della Selva, Santa Maria Primavera Fiesole, Santa Maria del Impruneta, and Santa Maria dell Or San Michele were, in turn and often enough simultaneously, objects enthusiastic devotion. Merchants and agents about undertake a foreign journey, and manufacturers and citizens at the outset some important enterprise, were wont throng the altar their favourite Madonna beseech her patronage and aid. The little chapel Santa Maria alle Grazie, upon the Bridge that name, was daily thronged with worshippers. So small was the sanctuary that the candles offered one day had removed make space for the morrow's offerings.


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