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Tuscan raw wool, which eventually took the place the famed produce Puglia, Taranto and Modena, obtained profitable quotations in all markets for the academic essay writing service manufacture strong and The woollen industry Florence had active and enterprising rivals at Pisa, Genoa, Venice, Bologna, Ferrara, and in Lombardy and France. At the same time, in each these manufacturing centres, there existed Statutes and Provisions, which absolutely forbade the importation foreign wool, and the manipulation foreign-made cloth.

Florence, the other hand, followed an entirely different policy, with results, as remarkable for their benefit the home industry, as they were for their preeminence in all foreign markets. The wealth, which poured into the coffers her merchants, enabled them purchase the pick the wool offered at all foreign fairs.

England, France, Spain, and Portugal, readily sold their rich fleeces the agents Guild Wool. Prices ranged from sixteen soldi per hundred pounds weight raw Tuscan wool, sixteen hundred soldi for the same weight the best French, Narbonne, and Portuguese raw wool.

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From the Algarves came the best all wool Tuscanized into Garbo Hence Panne Garbo was the finest cloth woven in Florence, and the street in which was chiefly manufactured was called Via Garbo.

Spanish wool was also very excellent quality. The merino sheep introduced into the country the Romans centuries before, and crossed with the native breed, had established a high reputation for purity colour and silkiness texture. No wool was useful as this pure white variety for fine manufactures also went descriptive essay help under the name Lana Garbo Henry was the first English king who granted facilities Florentine buy business thesis traders for the purchase British-grown wool. As early as the quantity raw wool bought Florentine merchants from English monasteries was considerable. Several wool-trading companies were established in London, and elsewhere, among them being that Messer Tommaso Spigliati Lapo Ugho Spini.

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Letters are in existence, written one their travellers, Simone Gherardi, who, in rendering an account his commercial journey, speaks the excellence the wool offered for sale the British monasteries. Other companies were Messeri Bindo Isquarta, Jacopo, Riccomanno, de Mozzi, Peruzzi, and Pulchi, with representatives By the year more than two hundred monasteries in England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Flanders, were supplying the Florentine dissertation editing Guild Wool.

The names these look very funny in their Italian dress, for example GuesameinChondisgualdo Eversham in Worcestershire. Melrose they called Merusotte, Galloway Gonellasso, and The best British wool came from the Cotswolds and from Chichester, Tuscanised into Codignaldo and mba thesis writers Scrisestri. The wool Britain, wrote an old historian, often spun fine that in one sense, comparable the spider's web. This excellence was the result carefully following the plans the old Roman settlers, who established immense sheep farms in various parts the country and set woollen manufactories at the old capital Winchester. Doubtless they were duly appreciative the splendid breed sheep which they found in the island and their rich yield long silky fleeces. The raw wool imported from England was three qualities, Buona fine, Moiana soft, and Locchi still-born lamb's wool. The prices, per sack, Scotch wool were, for fine qualities, twenty marks, English, for coarse, twelve marks, and for still-born, nine marks English coinage. One hundred pounds weight English were equal about one hundred and forty Florentine, and each English sack contained about fifty-two pounds. For ease transport mule-back the sacks were packed in two equal bales, each weighing about two hundred and fifty pounds Florentine. The exports raw wool from England assumed vast proportions, and excited the jealousy and opposition native producers and manufacturers. The annual consignments from Great Britain Florence, in the fourteenth century, and indeed earlier, filled, sacks or bags, and were the average value, Vexatious Acts Parliament were passed limit the facilities the Florentine traders.


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