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As. The commission shall in continuous session and open for the transaction business during all the business hours each and every day excepting Sundays and legal holidays. All sessions shall open the public, and shall stand and adjourned without further notice thereof its records. All proceedings the commission shall shown its record proceedings, which shall a public record and shall contain a record each case considered, and the award made with respect thereto and all voting shall had the calling each member's name the secretary and each vote shall considered as cast.

The commission shall keep and maintain its office at the capitol, in the town Carson City, Nevada, and.shall provided the board capitol commissioners speech writing service with suitable roloms. Except in cases emergency, all necessary printing, including forms, blanks, envelopes, letterheads, circulars, pamphlets, bulletins, and reports required printed said commission shall done at the state printing office, and made the duty the state printer have such printing done as expeditiously as possible.

As amended tats. The eomm,ission may employ a secretary, actuary, accountants inspectgrs, examiners, experts, clerks, stenographers and other assistants, and fix their.compensation.

Such employments and compensation shall first approved the governor, and shall paid out the state treasury.

The members the commission, actuaries, accountants, inspectors, examiners, experts, clerks, stenographers, and other assistants that may eimployed shall entitled receive from the state treasury their actual and necessary expenses while traveling in the business the commission.

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Such expenses,shairbe itemized and sworn the person who incurred the expense and allowed the commission. The best essay writers commission shall adopt reasonable and proper rules govern its procedure, regulate and provide for the kind and character notices, and the services thereof, in cases accidents and injury employees, the nature and extent the proofs and evidence, and the method taking and furnishing the same, establish the rights benefits i compensation from the state insurance fund, hereinafter pro- vided for, the forms application those claiming entitled benefits or compensation therefrom, the method making investigations, physical examinations and inspections, and prescribe the time within which adjudications and. Every employer shall furnish the commission, upon request, all information required carry out the purposes this act. The commission or any member thereof or any person employed the commission for that purpose, shall have the right examine under oath any employer or officer, agent, or employee thereof.

Every employer receiving from the commission any blank with directions fill the same, shall cause the same properly filled out as answer fully and correctly all questions therein propounded, and if unable shall give good and sufficient reasons for such failure. Answers such questions shall verified under oath and returned the board within the period fixed the commission for such return. Note The Commission earnestly desires that the provisions this and the preceding section will strictly observed employers, as such observance will result in the mutual benefit employers and employees, and will great assistance the Commission in carrying out the work prescribed. Each member the commission, the secretary and every inspector or examiner appointed essay writer reviews the commis sion shall, for the purposes contemplated this act, have power administer oaths, certify official acts, take depositions, issue subpenas, compel the attendance witnesses and the production books, accounts, papers, records, documents thesis editing services and testimony. In case disobedieijce any person comply with the order the commission, or subpena issued or one its inspectors, or examiners, or the refusal a witness testify any matter regarding which may lawfully interrogated, or refuse permit an inspection as aforesaid, the district judge the county in which the person resides, application any member phd dissertation writing services thatcommission, or any inspector or examiner appointed shall compel, obedience attachment proceedings as for contempt, as in the case disobedience the requirements subpenas, issued from such court a refusal testify therein.

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Each officer who serves such subpena shall receive the same fees as a sheriff, and each, witness whp appears, in obedience a subpena, before the commission or an inspector or examiner, shall receive for his attendance the fees and mileage provided for witnesses in civil cases in courts record, which shall audited and paid from the state treasury in the same manner as other expenses are audited and paid, upon the presentation proper vouchers approved any two members the commission. No witness subpenaed at the instance a party other than the commission or any inspector shall entitled compensation from the state treasury unless the commission shall certify that his testimony was material the matter investigated. In an investigation, the commission may cause deposition witnesses residing within or without the state taken in the manner prescribed the, law for like depositions in civil Actions in the courts record. A transcribed copy the evidence and proceedings, or any specific part thereof, or any investigation a stenographer appointed the commission, being certified such stenographer be a true and correct transcript the testimony the investigation, or a particular witness, or a specific part thereof, carefully compared him with his original notes and a correct statement the evidence and proceedings help with writing a research paper had such need help on my essay investigation purporting taken and subscribed, may received in evidence the commission with the same effect as if such stenographer were present and testified the facts certified. A copy such transcript shall furnished demand any party upon the payment the fee therefor, as provided for transcript in. The commission shall prepare and furnish blank forms, and provide in its rules for their distribution that the same may readily available, application for Ipenefits or compensation from the state insurance fund, notices employers, proofs pay people to write papers injury or death, medical attendance, employment and wage earnings, and, such other blanks as may deemed proper and advisable, and shall the duty insured employers constantly keep hand sufficient supply such blanks.


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