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The territory comprised in the Borough Brooklyn large that a given number inspections represents a much greater expenditure time than the same number in less scattered districts. The work has been promptly performed, however, delay in reporting upon citizens complaints being very rare. Enforcement Orders In last annual report I set forth the unsatisfactory conditions relative the enforcement orders the Department, because the lack of a proper agreement as methods between the Law Department and the Department Health. After several conferences between representatives these Departments, a method procedure was evolved, as contained in the following communication from Mr. James McKeen, Assistant Corporation Counsel in charge I desire bring the attention your Department certain matters connected with the cases which are being transmitted you this office for prosecution for violation sanitary ordinances. A month ago, I understand, your Department changed the system which had hitherto been in vogue in handling cases for violation ordinances. Prior that time these cases had not been sent this office until your Department had exhausted its authority and was powerless compel obedience its orders.

Some time since, however, as I understand, your inspection force was reduced, and then seemed expedient you, somewhat in lieu the more rigid inspections which were hitherto had, send out formal notice over the name the Corporation Counsel threatening prosecution if the orders your Department were not complied with. You have, in accordance with this system, sent in the past two or three weeks papers in a large number cases, some forty or fifty a day, these amounting at need help writing college paper the present time, buy an english research paper I suppose, over five hundred.

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Upon receipt the first these orders this office prepared and sent out notices the delinquents over name, stating that if the order your Department was not complied with within five days, a prosecution would result, and the papers were thereupon returned website that writes your essays your office for reinspection in each case. We have found, however, and doubtless your Department has also found, that this plan does not work well, and if continued will only result in inefficiency. Persons who receive notices call at this office after the papers in the case have gone back your office, and they call at your office when the papers are here, in either event no proper disposition the case can made, and there always a chance for an embarrassing conflict authority. Moreover, this office not equipped maintain a record some forty or fifty cases a day in these matters, nor in judgment this necessary, since probably not one in ten the cases will reach a point where a legal prosecution necessary. It has, therefore, seemed best after consideration and consultation with your Department, that a system somewhat as follows should adopted In those cases where your Department the opinion that a notice in the name the Corporation Counsel should sent delinquents, your Department should prepare such best thesis writing services a notice upon printed forms substantially dissertation methodology example such as are now used in the Borough Manhattan, or in such form as may agreed upon. These notices having been prepared every day or Mr. Wilson, the Assistant assigned this duty, will call at your office, look over the papers in each case and sign the letters.

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The letterheads will bear the address your office and most the delinquents will doubtless call there, and the cases will, I suppose, usually adjusted at When, after exhausting your efforts compel a compliance with your cheap assignment writing services orders, your Department decides finally upon a prosecution, civil or criminal, all the papers in the case should, I suggest, sent this office.

Mr. Wilson will, upon certain specified dates, or at such other times as may convenient, meet your Inspectors at your office or here, and draw complaints. In the criminal cases your officers may then procure a summons or warrant, attend the arraignment the prisoners and set a time for examination or trial. Someone connected with your Department should keep a calendar the various proceedings, and two or three days in advance notify Mr.

Wilson, who will attend and conduct the proceedings, I should suggest that, as far as possible, the prosecution brought in the district where they occur, not only because the statute seems require this, but because in a meritorious case a magistrate more likely hold for an offense committed in his own district than for one committed elsewhere. This would render advisable, if can accomplished, reserving certain days for certain courts and setting down as many cases as possible in one court one day. Under some such general system as this, I think the business in this office buy a essay coming from your Department can expeditiously and efficiently disposed best writing paper and if this plan meet with the approval the Board Health, I would suggest that adopt, if such necessary, suitable resolutions allow dissertation coaching services put into effect. The following modification the method procedure outlined above was suggested I have examined the proposed method procedure with Health Department orders, as outlined in a communication from Mr.


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