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These men, aside from practicing their profession, took a great interest in public afifairs.

They were among the leaders in the movements which resulted in the organization Jefiferson territory, and later brought about the organization the territory and the admission the territory as a state.

As members the territorial legislatures arid the general assemblies, law yers took a leading part in the framing our laws and the criminal and civil Many lawyers were not only honored their elevation the bench, but were placed in high positions the people the state. Among Colorado's governors, United States senators, congressmen, and other high officials, there are found scores men whose names are famous in the court's annals jurisprudence men whose names are known from the Atlantic the Pacific, and from the Great Lakes the Gulf men whose achievements have brought everlasting glory the people the state who elected them.

Colorado may well proud the men whom her people have entrusted the administration justice, and who are today practicing within her borders the noble profession from an historical viewpoint and replete with personalities and numerous humorous sidelights, the glimpse the Colorado Federal Court, as afforded the address T.

O'Donnell at the dedication the new government building in Denver a year ago.

On that occasion Mr. O'Donnell, the present president the Colorado Bar Association, in part said The first session this court and that court which was its contemporary as well as its predecessor, was held in the building then known as Ford's Hotel, Larimer The event had been looked forward those who participated in with an interest and enthusiasm far beyond that which animates this occasion. We celebrate a thing realized they dedicated a hope. We dedicate an edifice marble they celebrated the creation a state, for the opening this court was the final act which evidenced the realization the hopes the heroic men who had builded the foundations and raised the superstructure a new commonwealth, amid desert spaces and mountain wilds. The glittering Centennial star had already taken its place in the constellation the states, and this event marked the assumption, the central planet, one the primary functions which hold them secure in their firmament.

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Elmer Dundy, judge for the district Nebraska, presided, but there was no bar. The genius european institutions has no better illustration than the method which the lawyers the state were made members the bar the courts these United States. Judge Samuel Elbert, who had been elected the Supreme Court the state, its admission the Union, was recognized, in his official The Bexch and Bar Colorado capacity, Judge Duiidy, and moved the admission the Eugene Jacobson Westbrooke Decker Hugh Butler Mitchell Benedict and as attorneys and counsellors at law, solicitors in chancery All these are historic names in Colorado. The court records recite the indictment one them lord of the flies essay help the grand jury impaneled a little earlier the same day, which shows that lawyers have improved in character, if not in capacity, That the acknowledged versatility this bar no new thing, evidenced the fact that one these seven selected leaders the help writing college application essay profession afterwards successfully combined the practice law with the keeping a livery Law, equity and admiralty best paraphrasing online doubtless was then -thought the latter might draw unto itself jurisdiction over irrigation ditches having been thus started their course, with a nucleus attorneys, solicitors and proctors, the admission others, among the first whom was Amos Steck, followed rapidly the motion divers those first That was not quite forty years ago, but the men who signed the roll that first day and thereafter during the first George Richmond Alfred Phelps William Kingsley Robert Morrison and only, still answer at roll-call the others, psychology research paper for sale that brainy, brilliant host pioneer lawyers, who foregathered Larimer The winds have blown them all awav.

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TiiK Rexcii axd Bar Colorado Jiidg-e Wells and Ex-Senator Patterson were not admitted this bar until the following year. John Waldron's name was added the roll, and our wellbeloved and hoary friends, James Blood and iustave Bartels, signed in this order, three days apart, in July, the first, last and only time they were ever known the same thing or anything, at different times. Wilbur Stone went early the Supreme bench the state, and the name this much-esteemed historian the pioneer bench and bar does not appear this roll until Edward Wolcott, ieorgetown, was admitted here the fifth day the court's session. Senator Charles S. Thomas was admitted December and Frederick Pitkin, afterwards governor for two terms, about the same time. General Bela Hughes, Henry Teller, George W. Miller and incent Markham were enrolled. These were honored in their generation and were the glory the times, and there are them that have left a ieneral Hughes, the Nestor the bar, and Chevallier Bayard Colorado Butler, walking statelier than Rome's tribune, master logic and rhetoric, and able contend ghostwriting service with all the canniness his Scotch, or the fervor his Irish, ancestors, as the cause demanded was said Butler that never put forth his best efiforts until came the petition for a rehearing, and that if represented the defendant the case was never tried until both parties were dead, and generally not then Wolcott, like Cariolanus, hating the many-headed multitude, but able sway with his voice, juries and assemblies Henry Teller, cold as the icicle Dian's temple, but bold as a lion when aroused righteous wrath Miller, uncouth and not too learned, but with a fierce and savage imagery and posture and voice, an inheritance his Indian blood, which drove all before him. Miller was defending a man accused manslaughter, in the Territorial Court at Colorado Springs. Judge Hallett was presiding.


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