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A dead body. Sylvanus Samosata. Fra Pietro Verona.

Paterini. Congregation San Martina.

Arch Antonino. Poveri Vergognosi.

List the first twelve Buonuomini.

Money-boxes. The Buonuomini della Stinche. The Buonuomini San Bonaventnra. Bankrupt merchants. FT would quite impossible, save only at very ghost writer for college papers considerable -L length, tabulate all the Charitable and Pious term papers sale Works the Guilds, during the period the Renaissance. Perhaps a brief list such benefactions in connection with Calimala Guild will serve as an example for the rest, and substantiate the contention that the Florentines were inspired with all the noblest The Calimala Statutes, and other records affirm that the Merchants Foreign article rewriting services Cloth maintained the following benevolent institutions, in and about Florence Monasteries at Montecalvoli, Ripoli, San Donato in Torri, Faventia, Le Mura, Borgo San Lorenzo Mugello, Santa Maria Prato, San Jacopo in Vincoli, Bibbiena, Maiano, San Matteo d Arcetri, Santa Lucia in Quaraceshi, Sant Egidio, Podio della Croce, San Giovanni Battista Mugello, San Spirito, del Hospitals San Gallo, Bigallo, Giambuoni Val d'Ema, Bella Gionalina, Santa Maria Nuova, Sant Eusebio, Santa Maria Cafaggio, San Lazaro, San Miniato Monte, San Giovanni And what the premier Guild did, such a munificent scale, all the other Guilds emulated, and, dissertation research consultant in their degree competency, buy apa research paper achieved relatively splendid records beneficence. Monasteries were endowed for a variety purposes. They served not only as sacred refuges for religious persons, who gave their whole time divine exercises they were also retreats from the world for many a weary worker in the Market and the Some them were schools for the young in sacred and profane knowledge, whilst in others the Brethren were taught useful Crafts.

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Many too were homes for i need help writing my college essay the aged, the crippled, and the mentally afflicted, and some were hospitals for the sick, and Their custodians were, at first, Religious, the clergy, regular and secular, and holy and devout women. Later the laity were entrusted with these charitable offices, in concert with the Religious, and at last the doctorly element was entirely For example the Duke Athens, during his Podestaship, confided the sole charge the Spedale Sant Egidio Calimala Guild and the Monastery San thesis statement help research paper Barnabo was, placed, the State, under the exclusive care Guild Doctors and Apothecaries. These lay holdings were confirmed Papal Bulls. Every considerable building enterprise, and every great industrial establishment, had its complement trained charitable assistants. professional essay writing help At San Miniato Monte, San Giovanni Battista, and Santa Maria del Fiore, the workpeople and their families were looked after, both in health and in sickness, and were placed under disciplinary and beneficent regulations. Machiavelli records the temper his time with respect such matters Public works, says, should carried with the utmost becoming and kindly treatment the workmen, as not drive them despair. There were Hospitals, Refuges, and Homes, for all sorts and conditions men and women. Such Guilds as had help writing college research paper no special Hospitals under their care, maintained their poor sick members in their own dwellings or in small Lodges and not only but paid handsome pensions the aged sufferers and, often enough, their relatives as well. Many Hostels for poor travellers had their useful and charitable mission.


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