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Paviors and workers in stone and wood were forbidden have direct dealings with dealers in paving stones. They were constrained work for their masters alone, and with materials Kiln-men and brickmakers generally were admonished pack their kilns with lime the best quality only, and see that the bricks they burnt were free from blemishes, and well and truly shaped, according the customary standards. Each brick had stamped all four sides with the arms Florence, and the sides had measure exactly four times the size the ends. The ends were required evenly finished that joinings could made as neatly and closely as possible.

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Tiles, troughs, and edging squares followed in the same category. Wall measurements were taken with an iron yard-measure, the exact length Calimala canna. Clay-fields custom paper and lime works were under direct State supervision. custom term papers Rents and percentages were paid for the right working, and State imposts were made at the Gates upon loads bricks and tiles, which went under the names mattoni, mezzane tegole pianelle, quadrucchi, according shape Strict regulations were in force with respect the situation and dimensions the brick-kilns.

All such erections were required beyond the three-mile cheap assignment writing service uk radius the old Contado, and were not exceed a height nine braccia arm's-length. The price, bricks per thousand, and the scale wages per week, were settled from time time the Consuls Guild Masters in Stone and Wood and the values were exposed buy apa format research paper in all brickfields and workshops the city. By the Statutes, precise regulations were laid down with respect timber.

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Stocks wood were not allowed kept merely for sale through brokers. The quantity permitted in the workshops was in strict proportion the work in hand. Masters in wood, and their apprentices, were required work only in timber which bore the stamp the Guild. Much greater liberty was extended foreign workers, although they were required affiliated the Guild, and submit the ruling the Consuls.

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Inducements were held out especially Lombardian workmen, who were housed free rent for a time, and were permitted bring in their tools and implements free The wages an ordinary research paper on sale of goods stone-mason or bricklayer were one lira a day, with half a lira for his labourer.

A carpenter's mean wage was the same. These amounts compared favourably with the wages agricultural labourers, who could rarely earn more The Residence the Consuls was in the Chiasso Baronelli, not far from the Loggia de Lanzi.

Over its portals were sculptured the arms the Guild, which course were also blazoned upon its banner a white axe upon a red field.

In the neighbourhood Florence two or three kinds stone. Pietra forte a durable sandstone with calcareous ingredients excellent for building purposes and for paving, but found generally in small pieces only. The most used quarry was at Camfora outside the Porta Romana. Pietra serena or Macigno, a siliceous sandstone a dark grey or bluish-black colour, with singular black patches, which assumes, in course time, a bronzy hue. Benvenuto Cellini says this stone found in the hilly country round Florence especially at Settignano, Signa, Montelupo and Fiesole. It adds, marked beauty and fineness texture, and easily worked but, as does not resist water nor stand open air exposure, best suited for inside work and statuary under.


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