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This was particularly true work which had been specified the Inspectors themselves and where no architect executive resume writers cheapest essays writing services nyc had any supervision. These matters were taken as they arose, and far as possible, the contractors were compelled alter the conditions that they conformed the requirements the Department. Occasionally, questions that arose in connection with the contracts for new buildings were also referred this office the architects, and far as possible, were given the necessary help with creating a thesis statement attention.

Whenever these questions were not within the jurisdiction this office, they were brought the attention the Commissioner, and rulings obtained from him.

These Inspectors passed such the work ordered this office as did not properly come under the Inspector Supplies mentioned in the preceding paragraph. The lollowing memorandum was prepared Inspector Frederick Sprenger, the Sanitary Inspector in charge these Inspectors Under the jurisdiction this Department in the several boroughs are about eighty buildings, most which are hospital buildings used for the care patients suffering from contagious diseases.

help with college papers About fifteen these buildings are leased and the rest are owned the City. Many the buildings have been in use for a number years and until this year have never been extensively repaired.

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Nearly all the buildings connected with the hospitals have been overhauled, improved and generally repaired throughout. Three Sanitary Inspectors have been detailed supervise the repair work and also look after new construction. Six new buildings were under construction during the year and contracts for six more were awarded in December.

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Owing the fact that but few the better class builders bid department building construction and that contracts are required law awarded the lowest bidder, requires constant effort and attention procure in some cases a good grade work. Much time and attention has been given during the year assisting the architects in the preparation plans for new buildings. Specifications repair work are generally content writing services usa prepared the Inspectors.

Considerable land has been purchased during the year for the use this Department about twentytwo acres in the Borough Queens, seven acres in the Borough Brooklyn and nine acres in the Borough The Bronx. The work developing this property now in progress. Sanitary Inspector, in charge Department Buildings, Construction and Statement A pended this report shows the appropriations awarded the Department, far as they are ascertainable, from the year date. Statement B attached hereto shows in detail the appropriations for the year.

Tlie appropriation ledgers continue in the same good condition as reported for igo. The usual checking with the Finance Department showed almost no errors, and in the few that were found in most instances the differences were due mistakes Statement C shows the special appropriations made the Department issues Revenue Bonds and Corporate Stock. Special mention should made the two large issues Corporate Stock, one in February for, and the other in June for, both which were for new buildings. In this connection attention might also called the issue Revenue Bonds for, for repairs and alterations the various buildings under the control the Department. This latter amount was spent in continuing the general scheme for repairs at the various hospitals started in. The annual i need a essay written estimate was forwarded the Board Estimate and Apportionment September as usual, covering the estimated expenditures for the year Continued effort was made shorten the time required prepare bills for audit and payment at the Finance Department. So far as the work this office was concerned there undoubtedly was a gain in this direction.


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