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To another maid servant, whom calls schiava slave, arranged give only thirty lire a year. The worthy man seems have been blessed with many olive-branches, for notices the engagement four or five nurses in succession, whose average wage was sixteen gold florins. Some his children were put out nurse This revelation the domestic hearth a typical Florentine home introduces a subject affecting the private life the citizens, which has been hardly touched upon historians that slaves. Domestic service was abhorrent the freedom-loving and proud Florentine men and women shirked and difficulty was constantly experienced in the matter servants. The extension the trade the city, and the enterprise shown the agents louisiana purchase research paper merchants in foreign lands, led an alien supply a common At first, ones and twos, returning merchants introduced young boys and girls, who had attracted them in Eastern or Archivio Storico Florentine, I. Series, torn. FIRENZE RICCA PER INDUSTRIA ! Southern lands.

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They came as pages and playmates for themselves and their children, and every well-to-do establishment boasted coloured dependants they became the fashion and the The custom grew, being fed the vagabond lives led in foreign lands Florentine traders, until the traffic in slaves became a feature the commerce help writing personal statement the thirteenth, fourteenth and thesis data analysis fifteenth centuries. Oriental slaves bought as live goods, says Doltore buy research papers online cheap Biagi, generally through Genoese, Venetian, and Neapolitan, brokers, were chiefly Tartars, Greeks, Turks, Dalmatians, and Circassians. An ancestor Baldovinetti, the painter, has left drawings three slaves in the margin his Zibaldone, whom bought in, and Dorothea, a Tartar, from Russia, eighteen years or more age Domenica, white skin, from Tartary and Veronica, sixteen years old, whom I purchased almost naked from Bonaroti, college essay community service son Simon de Bonaroti.

Such women entered the houses wealthy citizens perform humble offices, and take care the children.

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Alessandra Macinghi, the mother the Strozzi, wrote thus her son Filippo, when at Naples Let remind you the need have a slave, for have always had one. If you give orders have one bought, ask for a Tartar, for they are the best for hard work, and are simple in Slaves often enough obtained faithful labour, good behaviour, and general aptitude, many a liberal bequest the death their masters. Indeed not infrequently the child the female slave was looked upon as legitimate, and passed the name the master, thus Alessandro de Medici was the reputed son Lorenzo, Duke Urbino but in all probability Clement was company report writing his father. His mother was a mulatto slave, and had dark skin, thick lips, and the curly hair a negro ! Slaves were common in all the cities and States Italy in Guido Biagi, Private Life the Renaissance Florentines. the era the Renaissance, and their treatment varied with the characters their masters.

Pistoja led the way in freeing her slaves, Bergamo followed, Vercelli. Bologna, and Florence three stages severally in, and.

The last date was not only that absolute emancipation for all persons held in bondage, but the proclamation which forbade citizens the Republic have, or buy, slaves, whether old or young, male or female, under severe penalties The character the population and the greatness the prosperity Florence beautiful and busy college essay help proved the truth Gens trepidat cuncta datqtte tributa, Ceu Longobardi, ceu Tuschi sunt tremefacti The old Mint Florence was behind the hospital Santa Croce, but, when the currency was thoroughly overhauled, and when the financial transactions her Merchants and Bankers had attained help with a research paper vast proportions, a new Mint was erected at the Uffizi, where the present-day Post Office situated.

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Two officials called Maestri delta Zecca Masters the Mint presided over the manufacture and circulation coinage. They were chosen the Head the State one was required a member Calimala Guild, the other Bankers and Money-changers. Their term office was six months, like the In addition these presidents a goldsmith, proved probity and intelligence, was employed twice every year at the incoming the new Masters test and weigh a number gold florins in circulation, and newly minted. Such as failed in his tests were rejected, and those approved, a number were enclosed in a small leathern bag, which was firmly sealed and labelled, as a guarantee or proof quality hence the designation fiorino THE STIXCHE PRISON-AS IT APPEARED AT ITS DEMOLITION FIRENZE RICCA PER INDUSTRIA ! Gold and silver coins were generally struck without alloy any kind. The minters were well accustomed the mysteries cupellation, for frequent mention made, in the Archives the Zecca, acqua prima, acqua filosofica primo grado, mixtures nitre and acetic acid, and their property separating gold and silver, and oxidising metals, etc. Florentines in the thirteenth century understood the use touchstones in dealing with valuable metals.


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