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The Consuls had plenary powers for dealing with all unruly citizens.

Fines and imprisonment in the Stinche city prison were impartially served out The Fifth Part the Statutes treats, in twenty Sections, the Sensali Brokers or agents, the Tintori Dyers, the Racconciatori Patchers,the Tagliatori Cutters, the Piegatori Folders,and the Compitori Finishers employed the merchants custom written papers Calimala The duties the Sensali were inspect all imports foreign cloth arrival, and distribute the various associations workpeople. Within twenty-four hours delivery in Florence at the Offices the Guild, Periti detf Arte Calimala, experts, made a careful examination every piece foreign cloth, with respect quality wool, manner manufacture, and length and weight. Satisfactory pieces were at once sent the workshops, whilst those which failed satisfy the requirements the trade were set apart for further consideration. Any citizen might admitted the position Sensale who had a good character for piety in religion and uprightness in his business capacity. Such were required before being enrolled upon the books the Calimala give personal security in money, and bail in the persons their friends. They had render, once a month, the Consuls sitting at the Residence, a detailed report their operations with respect the origin and condition all cloth received, and the processes which had been subjected. Their report also was the medium complaints made the work-people, and delinquencies the part those with whom the Sensali had dealings.

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The first operation in the treatment foreign cloth was not the actual dyeing, but the preparation the pieces for that process.

When first unrolled they were generally found covered with knots and blemishes which coarsened need help writing my college essay the surface.

These required the very greatest care eradicate and smooth over, and this process was carried through women as well as men, who used very fine plyers and needles and hot irons. Sometimes even darning was necessary, but this had done with extreme delicacy, and with foreign wool exactly the same Note Three old Tiratoli Fulling-Mills, belonging members the Guild were still standing in the Via de Servi, del Castelluccio, and degli Alfani each bearing the name detf Aquila the Eagle the arms, or trade mark, the The Dyers Calimala were required weigh and measure all pieces foreign cloth directly they received them No piece cloth was handed over the dyeing cauldrons until had been inspected in detail the foreman that group Most foreign cloth, reason its finer texture, in which in the absorption colouring matter, and in the soaking. Upon a successful result in the dyeing process, the pieces cloth were again weighed and measured the Sensali.

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Losses write my social work essay in weight and dimension were charged the Dyers, who had the power recovery a fixed set-off price against The introduction dyes and dyeing materials, and the rules concerning their use, were immediately under the administration the merchants Calimala? Vegetable dyes only were employed, and they were sought in every accessible land. The time and abilities the most prominent citizens were given ungrudgingly the discovery new colouring plants and their export Florence. The acquisition a new website that writes research papers dye was just as much a question State policy as was that obtaining mordants and other adjuncts the dyeing industry. The war with Volterra, for example, was made solely for narrative essay help the possession the famous alum pits that district, the use which material was The chief plants used for dyeing were Guado or woad for blue, Robbia or madder for red, and Oricello or white moss for Woad grew in abundance all about Florence, but careful cultivation produced a wealth growth, and ensured a richness product, that made its rearing a lucrative employment along the Madder, too, was common enough in Tuscany, but the finest kind was found in the neighbourhood Rome, where had been a speciality ever since the time Pliny.

The country about Chiana, and the valley the Tiber, produced, in the fifteenth century, madder the value many thousand florins, almost all which was bought dissertation express Calimala merchants.

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Very much madder was imported from the valley the Rhone. The introduction White Moss was due a Florentine Calimala merchant data analysis coursework named Bernardo, or Nardo, Alamanno. His discovery its property as a colouring medium was due mere chance. He observed during a commercial exploration in the Levant, that a little plant, when moistened with uric acid, gave out a crimson-violet liquid. Experimenting with this colouring matter soon noted its value for distinction hue and fastness stain. Bernardo accordingly made a goodly bale the moss and took back with him Florence. Once home called in the assistance some members the Guild Doctors and Apothecaries, and presently the eyes the inspectors Calimala opened wide at the brilliancy the new dye.


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