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Every employer electing governed the provisions this act shall, or before the first day July, and monthly thereafter, pay the Nevada industrial commission for a state insurance fund premiums in such a percentage,oi his estimated total pay-roll as shall fixed order the Nevada industrial commission provided, hQwever, that all best custom essay writing premium rates now in effect shall continued in full force and effect until changed, altered or amended order the Nevada industrial commission. The Nevada industrial commission may require all premiums required this a paid for three months in advance upon the estimated pay-roll the employer, unless the commission satisfied the financial responsibility the employer, or unless a good and sufficient surety bond for thp payment premiums given the employer the The Nevada industrial eommi ion shall have the power, as experience and conditions demand, increase or decrease the rates above provided sixty days notice any change in rates shall given before the same shall become effective the commission shall have the power, and shall their duty, classify occupations with respect their degree hazard, and determine the risks the different classes and fix the rates premiums based upon the total pay-roll and number employees in each said classes occupation and sufficiently large provide an adequate fund for the compensation provided for in this act, and create a surplus sufficiently large guarantee a satisfactory state insurance fund from year year.

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As amended, Stats.

and Stats. Whenever an establishment or work dangerous in comparison with other like establishments or works, the, Nevada industrial commission may advance its classificatioii risk and premium rates in proportion the hazard. Such advancement classification risks and premium rates may bemadewithoutpreviousnotice.

Asamended,Stats.l,c.l. Every injured employee within provisions this act shall entitled receive, and shall receive promptly, such medical, surgical and hospital or other treatment, sing, medicines, medi and surgical supplies, crotches and apparatus, including artificial members, as may reasonably required at the time the injury and within ninety days thereafter, which may extended one year the Nevada industrial commission.

The benefits conferred this paragraph iipon the injured employee shall hereinafter, For the purpose providing a fund take care said accident benefits as in this act provided the Nevada industrial commission authorized best custom writing services and directed collect a premium upon the total pay-roll every employer except as hereinafter provided in such a percentage as the commission shall order fiX every employer paying such premium shall relieved from furnishing accident benefits, and the same shall provided the Nevada industrial commission.

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Every employer paying such premium for accident benefits may collect one-half thereof, not exceed one dollar per month, from each employee, and may deduct the same from the wages such employee. The Nevada industrial commission shall have the authority adopt such reasonable rules and regulations as may necessary carry out the provisions this subdivision this section. All fees and charges for such accident benefits shall subject regulation the commission, and shall limited such charges as prevail in the same community for similar treatment injured persons like standard living. The state insurance fund provided for in this act shall not liable for any accident benefits provided this section, but the fund provided for accident benefits shall a separate and distinct fund, and shall kept.

It shall the duty every employer accepting the provisions this act, immediately upon.the occurrence any injury any his employees, render such employee all necessary firs aid, including cost transportation the injured employee from the place injury the nearest place proper treatment whare the injury such as make reasonably necessary for such transportationsuch employer shall forthwith notify the commission such aefiident, gmng the name the injured employee, the nature dissertation format the accident and where and whom the injured employee IS being treated, and the date, the accident Every employer payiiig accident benefit premiums the Nevada industrial commission furnisMng sucb first aid sliall entitled receive from the commission the amount summarizing and paraphrasing worksheets such Every employer operating under this act alone or together with other employers may make arrangements for the purpose providing accident benefits as defined in this act for injured employees, and such employers may collect one half the cost such accident benefits from their collective employees, not exceed one dollar per moiith from any one employee, and may deduct the same from the wages each employee.

Employers electing make such arrangements for providing accident benefits shall notify the Nevada industrial commission such election, and in the event.

failure notify said Nevada industrial commission such election they shall liable for premiums for accident benefits as heretofore provided subdivision this section. If shown or the commission finds that the employer furnishing the requirements medical, surgical, or hospital aid or treatment provided for in this act in such a manner that there are reasonable need help writing narrative essay grounds for believing that the health, life, or recovery the employee being endangered or imppred thereby, the commission may, upon, application the employee or upon its own motion, order a change in the physician, or other requireinehts, and if the employer fails promptly top custom essay services comply with such order, the injured employee may elect have such medical, surgical, or hospital aid or treatmeM provided or through the Nevada industrial commission, in which event the cause action said injured employee against the essay writing company reviews employer or hospital association, shall assigned the Nevada industrial commission for the benefit the state insurance fund, and the Nevada industrial commission shall furnish said injured employee the medical, surgical, or hospital aid or treatment provided for in this act.

As amended, Stats. Stats. -Sec. AH premiums provided for in this act shall paid the state treasurer, and cheapest essay writing service shall constitute the state insurance fund for the benefit employees employers and for the benefit dependents such employees, and shall disbursed as hereinafter provided. Every employee in the employ an employer within the provisions this act, who shall injured, I accident arising out and in the course employment, or his dependents, as hereinafter defined, shall entitled receive the following compensation If the injury causes death, the compensation shall known as a death benefit, and shall payable in the amount and and for the benefit the persons following. Burial expenses not exceed one hundred and twentyfive dollars in addition the compensation payable. To the widow, if there no child, thirty per centum the average wage the deceased. This compensation shall paid until her death or remarriage with two years compensation in one sum upon remarriage.


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