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This Guild, the eighth in the order Precedence among the fourteen Lesser Guilds, was essentially the Guild the Market people. Under its white banner, charged with the singularly appropriate arms the Guild, a red lion gardant under a green tree, were ranged not only lordly growers olive trees, owners fruitful orchards, makers country cheese, and sportsmen keen after game, but every sort and kind great and small dealers in the numberless necessaries daily life. The Guild provided a common union persons occupied in avocations an agricultural character, just in the same way as the Arte Rigattieri furnished search dissertations a comprehensive Corporation for citizens engaged in small industrial pursuits. The precise date the first enrolment Arle degli Oliandoli Pizzicagnoli as with most the other Guilds, absolutely uncertain.

Early records have disappeared, and the first i need help writing a research paper historical notices the existence some the trades, united in the Guild, appear as follows In the first list the Guilds, that the year, the Arte degli Oliandoli Pizzicagnoli essay editing tips placed fifteenth. The revision preserved the same order, but gave the Guild Oil Merchants and General Provision Dealers suitable The list Guilds, made, makes no mention the Arte degli Oliandoli Pizzicagnoli but instead see, in the fifteenth position, the Arte dei Venditori del best dissertation writing services Sale the Guild Salt-merchants.

This was still the designation the Guild in, in which year Guild Salt named in the Archives.

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The reason may found in the fact, that as the city grew in population, grew in estimation the merchants and dealers whose business relations were the greatest value the citizens.

At the reformation and rearrangement the Guilds the fifteenth place was taken the Arte Galigai the Guild Tanners and Guild Oil-Merchants and General Provision Dealers was put sixteenth. Why this loss precedence was effected impossible say, anyhow the Tanners maintained their superiority till the very break-up the Guilds in There an entry in the Archives the Mercanzia dated, judgment delivered against a certain Granaiuolo grainmerchant Guild Bakers, and in favour the Consuls the Guild Oil-merchants. The title the Guild given in full, and includes a variety curiously linked industries Biadaiuoli Corn-chandlers, Casciaiuoli Cheese-factors, Bicchierai Glass-blowers, Funai Twine-pullers, and Saponai Soapboilers. the Biadaiuoli threw in their lot with the Oliandoli and ceased a separate association. Although no special proofs are buy school papers at hand show, there can no doubt that Guild Oil-Merchants and General Provision Dealers followed the example the Crafts in the adoption the Statutes Calimala I, with certain adjustments circumstances, as a code moral and commercial Early memorials and acts Consuls or Councils have perished, consequently cannot discover the exact number, or the duties, the various officers, nor indeed can obtain a complete list all the trades and callings which were allied under That the chief officials had the rank at all events ultimately Consul perhaps shown the fact their Residence being situated in the basement the Palazzo de Lamberti, the upper part which edifice was occupied the Consuls and Courts the Guild Doctors and Apothecaries. It however special interest record that Savonarola established his famous Monte Pieta in the same basement best resume writing services online which also bore the name La Casa Pzgli as a set-off the exactions and rapacity the spanish money-lenders. Happily the Statutes have been preserved, and in them see ample evidence the importance, prosperity, and admirable government the members the Guild. The following are some the interesting items which may gathered from a perusal the three portly volumes. All Provision dealers, whether members Guild OilMerchants and General Provision Dealers or not, were required provide themselves with weights and measures strictly in accordance with the established standards, and were further obliged exhibit them the State official inspectors. All utensils capacity were approved the Consuls the Guild, and patterns those articles approved were kept at the On no account were such dealers sell fresh fish but only such descriptions as had been salted or dried.

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Eggs, cheese, chickens, mushrooms, small birds, venison, and game all kinds, were all need help with a paper marketable commodities their stalls. The export foodstuffs from Florence, city and Contado, was very strictly prohibited.

Included in the prohibition were Grain all kinds, ears corn, vegetables, olives and olive oil, fat beasts, oxen, pigs, wine, fresh meat, fish, undressed hides, fruits, cheese, and victuals every kind. It was strictly forbidden custom essay toronto offer grain for sale mixed with chaff, seeds, or any other matter. Blades wheat were not steeped in water swell them before being exposed in the Market, Granaiuoli, Corn-chandlers, guilty such conduct were mulcted in heavy penalties. They were moreover required state the place origin their merchandise, and no account substitute the crop coming from one locality for one issuing from Vegetable-dealers, whether men or women, were not allowed offer for sale any sort grain in quantities exceeding two staioi bushels unless with the special license the Officials Or San Michele. No dealers in vegetables were permitted purchase fruit or vegetables before the hour Nones, nor frequent public places where wholesale salesmen were before that hour.


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