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Each the allied or subordinated Guilds, or divisions, contributed some characteristic adornment painters, miniaturists, porcelainmakers, haberdashers and silk agents, perfumers, etc. etc. The ceiling now preserved among the treasures the Museo San Marco.

On the facade the Residence was displayed the escutcheon the Guild the Madonna and Child supported two pots growing Annunciation lilies. The same device was repeated in white upon a red field in the Guild gonfalon.

Doctors, physicians, and surgeons, numbered buy college papers online no more than sixty during the first half the thirteenth century, out a total population nearly one hundred thousand but their im portance, not say arrogance, increased in an inverse ratio.

Their functions were very much more theoretical than practical, and, for the most part, they were content wear the habiliments peculiar their profession, essay about helping others and pose as men science, rather than actually practise the faculty which they belonged.

Doctors, who had graduated at a university, never appeared in public except with full and long robes, ornamented with scarlet and vair-skin, after the fashion knights, and a fur hood depended from their shoulders, after the manner Capuchin monks. A velvet cap or hat, and gloves completed their professional costume.

Generally they were accompanied a groom leading a horse, which they usually made a show mounting in In common with doctors laws, and men upwards seventy years age, doctors medicine were exempt from serving with the military companies their sestieri.

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It was a custom, common enough in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, for doctors medicine fix their professional residence and consulting-room at an apothecary's a mutual agreement was come whereby the doctor prescribed only drugs sold his own apothecary.

In later times, when the dignity the profession had suffered somewhat at the hands commercial agents, doctors set as independent retailers drugs but such double dealing does not appear have been very profitable either them, or their patients. The diagnosis physical ailments, no less than the casting psychical horoscopes, had little with the actual treatment sickness. The Doctor seated upon his horse, or ensconced in his easy-chair, spectacles nose, pompously prescribed the remedy, writing out in almost illegible characters, which became a fruitful source maladministration the help essay drugs.

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Professional etiquette required, first all, the feeling the pulse, and the exhibition the tongue, and these amenities were enjoyed as readily in the open market as in the consultation-room.

The next stage was the elaborate swathing an afflicted member in linen cloths, dipped in water, and the commission the patient the tender mercies the Apothecary. That profane babbler, Nello the barber, amusingly described in Romola running his rigs at the Doctors and Apothecaries, asks What sort inspiration you expect get from the scent nauseous vegetable decoctions ? say nothing the fact that you no sooner pass the threshold, than you see a doctor physic, like a gigantic spider, disguised in fur and scarlet, waiting for his prey, or even see him blocking the doorway, seated a bony hack inspecting saliva. Petrarch had a jovial appreciation the doctors his day When I see a doctor coming I know all that going say laughingly exclaimed, Eat a pair young pullets, drink much warm water, and use the remedy that the A very favourite process for any malady the head, whether simple headache, or more serious ailments, was shave off all the hair, and then hold the bare pate the scorching heat a blazing fire ! An excellent embrocation, for any part the body, was considered soap made myrrh, boiled in water impregnated with crushed ivy flowers, and mixed with the For stiff neck, or stiffness the bones and limbs, a wash was used compounded wine and tincture assafcetida, which was rubbed in with force until the skin began bleed, or the bone The favourite poultice was made honey and assafcetida with betony powder, and other ingredients, and applied hot. Warm drinks, sweet and nauseous, were commonly imbibed, and men in armour were plied with steaming potions keep off the cold Persons suffering from fever were advised plunge into cold water ! Profuse bleeding was stopped cautery binding the source round with stout cord, and setting fire with a Obstructions in the ear were treated with hot poultices for thirty days, if relief was not obtained, smart raps were administered the unoffending ear ! This practice, as was quaintly said, founded best site to buy a research paper upon the fact that when a dagger gets jammed in its sheath, the final resource for its release a sharp blow. Water-treatment, accompanied applications syrups and purgatives, was a favourite remedy for all stomachic ailments, and for skin diseases. For the richer citizens, a course baths what is dissertation at Siena was prescribed. This was a fine satire for nothing did the ordinary Florentine love college term paper writing service pay for freelance writers more than score off his worsted foe old, pacing with lordly step and down those crooked streets, and such advice was acted upon with alacrity ! For the poorer classes, who could not custom essay writing toronto afford the Sienese villegiatura, there was the bath in the loggia the Ponte Vecchio, fed the water the Arno, the medicinal virtues which were always loudly extolled the medical and pharmaceutical faculties. It was specific, they averred, in all poor men's ailments, and was said, in old Florence, as the ocean deep The sea The humble cabbage buy masters thesis was greatly extolled, as were, in turn, all the vegetable treasures the garden and the field, as a panacea for all the aches and pains poor humanity. It was eaten raw, or cooked, and even the water in which was prepared, was deemed a health-giving beverage. The following custom essays for cheap a satirical rhyme, which an old chronicler puts into the mouth many a despairing patient the old Florentine There's never a herb nor a root, Which can stave death off a foot ! One the most celebrated doctor-surgeons the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries was Messer Niccolo Francesco Falucci, who was styled Medicus doctissimus He wrote many tractates the most highly esteemed being, Pratica Niccolo Firenze for such was his common name.


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