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These albarelli held artists pigments, sweetmeats, candied apples, quince, and plum jams, with dates, manna, and spices from Syria and Africa, perfumes, soap, and endless luxuries and foibles the day. They and the boccali THE BOTTEGA OF AN APOTHECARY. FOURTEENTH CENTURY were always beautifully shaped and decorated, and bore the names their contents. A lower shelf contained round and oval boxes wood or metal, generally decorated how do i write a thesis with painting and adorned with work in gesso, and boiled leather, for bandages, sponges, brushes, etc.


The lower shelf was reserved for glass flasks bound in plaited cv writing services london rush and wicker-work, for infusions and decoctions, and closed with cotton wool or straw stoppers. All these articles bore the owner's initials, arms, or name, with the name the drug, etc.

painted upon a ribbon decoration. In handy little heaps were small flasks, bottles for medicines, and little boxes for pills, etc.

all bearing evidence artistic taste.

The walls the shops were adorned with painted custom essay help tiles majolica, carved and painted wood, with tapestry or leather hangings. Convenient benches for customers were placed the counter upon the clean plaited straw matting.

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Generally little metal flags were hung outside the door, like Inn signs, bearing the proprietors names and special notices, whilst albarelli further A branch the help with writing a paper for college Apothecaries business, and no means an insignificant one, in view the large population Florence and its Contado and in relation the many visitations fire, flood, famine, and pestilence, was that undertaker.

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The funerals, at all events the wealthier citizens, whether noble or merchant, were conducted the Apothecaries.

They supplied every requisite, coffins, biers, bearers, palls, torches for use in the street, candles for the ecclesiastical functions, trappings, ornaments all kinds, baked meats, burial drinks, and all accessories. Oddly enough the most popular refreshments at funerals were just those which still are offered at country burials in Great Britain, confetti i need help starting my college essay sugared sponge-cakes, and alchermes a spiced liquor flavoured In each bottega was exhibited a tariff or price-list with quotations mortuary expenses. These were arranged in classes suit every pocket, and the friends the deceased were, as now, waited upon at their residences for the registration arrangements. Undertaker-apothecaries help writing an argumentative essay did not bear the best names for honesty and moderation charges, and when one the fraternity buy writing paper hung Melon, way a shop sign, was hailed with derisive laughter as an apt token the unblushing tricks the trade ! Public records and the Prioristi and Zibaldoni private cheap custom written papers notebooks for jotting down at the moment interesting items news, and carried and used Florentines every class, age, and sex, contain numberless paragraphs relating burial ceremonies. None the latter were more scrupulously written college dissertation than those the Alberti, Cavalcanti, Peruzzi, Rucellai, and Valori families. For example, among other items in the account the burial Monna Piera de Valori Curonni, are biscuits and sweetmeats, a cloth baldaccino, poles for bearing the coffin, wax-candles for the night watch, sweet herbs for perfuming the chamber, torches dissertation writing uk for the street procession, etc. etc. The amount paid Giovanni Bertoldo, the Apothecary, for all these reached fifty-three gold florins. An additional account for tapers, candles, and torches, used at the interment, also supplied the same undertaker, came eleven gold florins. The fees paid the good lady's two doctors, Messeri Niccolo Mantova, and Piero de Pulchi ? for medical attendance and for testifying the death, amounted The expense the funeral best essays Niccolaio Jacopo degli Alberti, who died August, was enormous. He was buried, says the old chronicler, at Santa Croce, with the greatest honours in tallow and wax.


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