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The various types aphthae have been mentioned. Simple ulcers develop as a result chronic superficial inflammation the tongue. Dyspeptic or catarrhal doctoral thesis writing ulcers are frequent in gastric hyperacidity, and cause much complaint because their sensitiveness. They are small, superficial ulcerations the anterior term paper writing help portion the tongue, and are often red and angry in appearance. Traumatic ulcers result from injury the teeth or otherwise, and are interest chiefly because their importance in the differential diagnosis between ulcer, syphilis, cancer, and tuberculosis. Syphilis.

Syphilis shows itself upon the tongue, first, as the initial lesion, generally solitary and upon the anterior portion, and presenting an indurated base.

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It may only a fissure, but the induration and the constant glandular involvement are distinctive. Secondly, as raucous patches, generally multiple, and accompanied others upon the lips and gums. They are grayish white, superficial, and less sensitive than most ulcerations.

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Thirdly, as a gumma, presenting as a tumor, or as an ulceration the tumor mass, or later help writing college research paper as a scar or sclerosis remaining after healing. Other signs lues are generally present and confirm the diagnosis the lingual lesion.

The smooth atrophy the tongue, while generally specific origin, cannot regarded as absolutely indicative syphilis.

The red cobble-stone tongue results from the fissuring syphilis. The pronounced adenitis distinguishes the personal statement service medical school initial lesion from secondary and tertiary ulcerations in case doubt TuBEBCULOSis.

Considering the frequency tuberculosis tuberculomata custom dissertation writing services and tuberculous ulcers upon the tongue are comparatively rare. The ulcers may single or multiple, pale, or with little redness best college writing services or sign inflammation, and are usually covered a grayish viscid secretion.

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I have knowTi them exist for years. Almost invariably other manifestations tuberculosis are found, and generally in the respiratory tract. Cancer. The lesion single, generally in males nriddle or advancing years, painful, doctoral thesis defense chronic, accompanied slowly developing adenitis, and great malignancy. Coated Tongue. The epithelia the tongue proliferate essay review service rapidly, and may accumulate if the organ subjected less than the usual traumatism mastication. One side may less used because neuralgia or diseased teeth, and thus show more a coating than the other. Many healthy people never show a clean tongue, a slight whitish fur being constant, exaggerated if gastric disturbance or other slight indisposition occur.


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