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The symptoms vary somewhat according as the destruction complete or partial. In complete destruction there absolute worddeafness and auditory amnesia. There loss spontaneous speech or paraphasia, alexia, or paralexia, and agraphia or paragraphia. The auditory memories are the most important factor the word concept.

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In learning talk, read, and write, the development phd dissertation writing service the word-hearing center precedes that all the others, and for proper functioning the others are dependent The interference help me write my thesis statement with speech due the fact that the motor speech center cannot initiate and coordinate the separate movements necessary pronounce a word unless the mental image the sound the word in the mind. The cause the difficulty in writing the same. Such a patient's talk jargon, and does not recognize his mistakes as does the motor aphasic, essay writer program because word-deaf.

The inability read due the fact that without the auditory memory the word the word-concept imperfect. Some patients who rely more their visual memories words in forming word-concepts have less disturbance the above company report writing functions than the average person would have.

This condition might account for the ability read aloud without understanding what read that some patients with auditory aphasia possess. A lesion in the white matter just below the word-hearing center would produce word-deafness without verbal amnesia. Such a patient may able talk correctly, and there no paragraphia, though writing from dictation impossible account the worddeafness. An interruption the intercortical fibers between the wordhearing center and the visual center produces a best essay for you form aphasia in which, when an object seen and its use recognized, its name can not recalled, although the name may recognized when heard. Also the name recalled often when the object handled, tasted, or smelled.

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Similarly if the name heard alone writing dissertation proposal the appearance the object can not recalled. This form aphasia help writing a dissertation proposal sometimes a localizing symptom in cases brain abscess in the temporal region following middle ear disease, or from other cause. If one or more the transcortical tracts connecting the wordhearing center with the other sensory college essay writing service reviews centers broken, have varying degrees auditory amnesia.

After exhausting diseases, in migraine, sometimes after an epileptic convulsion, and even in conditions normal weariness this a fairly common temporary functional symptom, caused the association tracts sharing in the general exhaustion or fatigue the brain.

Visual Aphasia.

Visual aphasia caused disease the cortex the left angular gyrus characterized word-blindness and alexia. A lesion the left angular gyrus usually extends inward far enough involve the fibers the left optic radiation, writing dissertation service and, therefore, accompanying there defect in the right visual field if not hemianopsia. Spontaneous speech interfered with, for although the number words that can correctly used large the names objects seen can not recalled and the use nouns thus limited. If mind-blindness not present, i.e. if the visual areas both sides the brain are not involved, an object that cannot named may fully recognized and its use described. Often the name can recalled if the auditory center and motor speech center are aroused through another sensory essays help path, as touch, taste, or smell.


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