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Ruess states that the following figures represent the relation between the specific gravity and the proteid content In general exudates contain much more protein than transudates. In inflammatory exudates Runeberg states that the proteid content reaches, including carcinoma and tuberculosis the serous membranes. In congestive transudates write my dissertation finds, and in pure hydremic transudates A specific gravity. or over, indicating a proteid content per cent, or over and often accompanied with the formation a distinct clot, indicates definitely an inflammatory exudate.

Thus an accurate urinometer may give much assistance in deciding upon the character a given fluid.

Transudates may contain blood For methods for the detection biliary pigment, indicating a communication between the gall passages and the cavity from which the fluid has been obtained succinic acid in echinococcus fluid urea in cysts the urinary system paralbumin in ovarian cysts, and pancreatic ferments in pancreatic cysts, the reader referred the larger works upon clinical diagnosis.

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The presence gas as demonstrated the puncture may indicate an ordinary pneumothorax, puncture website that writes essays for you yahoo answers the lung the needle, or the hollow organs within the abdomen, perforation into the peritoneal qavity, pleura or pericardium some ulcerative or traumatic process affecting the digestive tract, or the development gas through action bacteria, as notably in the urine diabetics infected with the colon where can i find someone to write my college paper bacillus. Cytodiagnosis.

The sediment obtained from aspirated fluids may examined directly, or stained specimens may prepared. In this manner the predominance certain cells or their absolute number may determined. If the fluid tends coagulate too quickly for the examination may aspirated directly into a syringe partly filled with sodium citrate or other solution used prevent coagulation.

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Bed Cells, Lenkocytes, Etc.

We next examine the specimen for red cells, thesis database different varieties leukocytes, customized writing epithelial, endothelial or tumor cells.

Various bacteria may also detected. Red cells may detected when the demonstration blood the macroscopic inspection impossible, and even when chemical detection more or less uncertain. The presence blood in an exudate suggests first the possibility a tuberculous writing service online or cancerous process, but may present also in the hemorrhagic diathesis, research paper writing services in exudates arising from custom essay station marked venous congestive processes, and occasionally in those associated with disease the kidney. Because the tendency the heavy cellular elements settle in the fluid, must beware basing any opinion upon the cells found in an aspirated fluid, without a consideration the possibility that may dealing vnth the relatively clear supernatant fluid. EXAMINATION OF THE FLUIDS OBTAINED I have myself diagnosed a serous pleurisy upon seeing the clear fluid flow from the needle when I had confidently expected pus, learn shortly that the subsequently obtained fluid contained myriads An abundance leukocytes signifies an acute infectious process, and especially associated with infection streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, meningococci, or colon or typhoid bacilli. In tuberculous pleurisy generally find an increased proportion or even a great summarizing paraphrasing predominance lymphocytes in the serous exudate. It not rare, however, in early exploration find polynuclear leukocytes in predominance, with many endothelial cells. Koniger states that after the second week in these cases the lymphocytes gain the ascendency. There a tendency, for the polynuclear cells in a tuberculous exudate degenerate quickly, shrivelling and breaking Confirmation the finding tubercle bacilli or animal injection always desired. The French speak pleural eosinophilia, the proportion even reaching seventy-five per cent, regardless the cytology the blood. This finding buy custom essay online not at all pathognomonic, since may present in such varied conditions as tuberculosis, rheumatism, gangrene lung, In general may say that lymphocytosis significant a mild irritation as the cause the exudate, while polynucleosis signifies a severer irritation. The replacement the former the latter suggestive some complication, for example, that a serous pleurisy about become an empyema.


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