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The attack sudden and usually followed deafness.

In cerebral concussion, sunstroke, neurasthenia, epilepsy, and other neuropathic disturbances, vertigo may present. Psychical disturbances may produce as in the dizziness experienced when It common in disturbances the vision, since the cerebellum, the organ equilibrium, receives a part its impressions directly from the eyes. The attack may cease upon closing the lids. In Japan the so-called paralyzing vertigo described, and this has also been described in epidemic form in Switzerland.

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It a disease warm months, and accompanied general weakness or even general paralysis, without loss consciousness. In locomotor ataxia, when the general sensibility and muscular sense are greatly affected, vertigo may accompany the staggering gait.

In this disease most often see laryngeal vertigo, or laryngeal epilepsy, a sudden suffocative strangling attack, with cough and dyspnea, and even asphyxia and loss consciousness for a brief interval.

Convulsive movements may occur. These attacks custom made essays may also seen in asthmatics and those affected with other lung troubles. Although custom permits much write my college paper latitude in the use these two terms, the best usage defines a convulsion as a paroxysm violent and involuntary general muscular contractions, often accompanied unconsciousness, and limits the use the term spasm a similar process a local nature, often without loss consciousness. A.

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tonic convulsion presents continuous muscular contraction, brief, as in the beginning an epileptic attack, or long duration, as in lockjaw. A clonic convulsion characterized alternating contraction and relaxation muscles, as in the midst the epileptic paroxysm. In the tonic convulsions tetanus, strychnin poisoning, etc. consciousness preserved, but generally lost in the clonic type, as in eclampsia.

In the tonic type there little movement the body and limbs, while the reverse holds in the clonic con PARESTHESIA, TREMOK, VERTIGO, COMA, ETC. vulsion. Spasm generally aflfects best resume writing services in nyc a single muscle or group muscles.

It termed cramp when tonic in character and painful and generally affecting a single muscle or a group working together, as in the The help with writing essays at university term Jacksonian epilepsy refers the limited convulsive movements arising from cortical irritation one the most valuable indications in the localization cerebral disease. Tetany characterized peculiar local spasms help writing college application essay affecting chiefly the hands and feet. The spastic movements in the different varieties chorea are limited instant paper writer single muscles or muscular science writers groups. General convulsions with unconsciousness are due some irritant carried the brain in the blood stream, as in uremic and alcohol convulsions, or some direct or indirect irritation the organ, as the pressure a growth, or a reflex from a diseased organ elsewhere. Local irritation may direct, as from a hemorrhage or fracture the skull, tumor, cyst, etc. affecting the motor centers, or indirect, as transmitted pressure, interference with the circulation, etc.

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