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No assistance has been given thus far in the way serodiagnosis.

Differential Diaqnosis. In the absence tubercle bacilli in the sputum the differential diagnosis may diflScult.

A bronchitis may limited the apices, though probably never one apex, but such a condition not associated with the symptoms pulmonary tuberculosis, nor with dulness upon percussion. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, unresolved pneumonia and other lung affections must differentiated their characteristic features. See Much diflSculty often encountered in differentiating miner's phthisis, stone cutter's phthisis, and similar processes noted in connection with other occupations.

A chronic bro ichitis irritative origin lies at the base the pathological lung changes, with emphysema, infiltration the bronchial glands, contractile fibroid changes, secondary phenomena in the pulmonary circulation, and not infrequently secondary infection with the tubercle bacillus.

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The history as occupation and exposure vital importance in the diagnosis. Even the finding the tubercle bacillus does not at all overthrow the diagnosis pneumonokoniosis, since commonly a secondary Certain diseases causing long continued fever may suggestive pulmonary tuberculosis, notably subacute best custom essay website endocarditis, Hodgkin's disease, with little accessible glandular enlargement, Grave's disease, when the goiter not especially obvious, tuberculosis the kidney, pernicious anemia, syphilis and malaria.

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Careful examination should prevent error. In lung infection the anthrax bacillus, the rayfungus, the streptothrix, cladothrix, asp rgillus, the lung fluke, and in psittacosis, the laboratory must relied upon for the diagnosis. Hemoptysis occasionally assumed indicate the existence tuberculosis without proper investigation as the cause.

I have seen several cases advanced mitral stenosis sent Colorado as supposed cases tuberculosis because repeated history essay writing service hemorrhages. In one these repeated attacks acute pulmonary edema occurred, with the characteristic pink fluid expectorated in great quantities. Bleeding quality custom essay from dilated veins at the root the tongue or in the pharynx has been the explanation, given Dr.

Robert Levy, several cases supposed where can i purchase a research paper hemoptysis in which I could find no pulmonary cause.

A rather profuse hemorrhage occurred in the case a physician from the strain severe vomiting in an attack migraine.

His good health for nearly twenty years following the where to buy papers attack justifies the exclusion help with writing a essay tuberculosis. Prognosis. Under ideal conditions as the earliest possible diagnosis and the best treatment, probably, the cases pulmonary tuberculosis are curable. This statement fortified the post mortem findings as healed tuberculosis, for know that without diagnosis or treatment a great number, perhaps a majority all infected with the bacillus, recover. Family predisposition immense importance in prognosis. I have cared for several individuals who were the sole survivors considerable families, all whom had died consumption. No such patient has recovered. I have noted but, recoveries amongst patients who have contracted pulmonary tuberculosis in Colorado.


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