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This invariably done, thus doing away entirely with hearings before the magistrates, diminishing the time required for the completion the case one-half, with a corresponding saving time inspectors, counsel and officers. When considered that during the current year, arrests have been made, the magnitude this saving may appreciated. Dear In compliance with your letter November, I have the honor submit the following report the work this Department in the Borough Richmond for the year The contagious diseases reported this Department for the year remain about the same as professional essay writers last year. There were cases diphtheria reported, which an increase over previous years cases scarlet fever, cases measles and Typhoid fever this year has been decidedly help writing a thesis statement the decrease.

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Upon examination all the cases typhoid fever reported this Department found but two cases that had their origin in this borough.

The others were contracted away, the disease developing after their return the island.

Tuberculosis has been steadily the increase. This may due the fact that the physicians are complying with the regulations the Department in reporting cases. We had one case small-pox reported from the European Union Marine buy cheap research paper Hospital, which was removed North Brother Island this Department.

The Department Health, in the early part this year, acquired from the Department Public Charities a section land situated at the County Farm, for the erection a disinfecting plant. This building was completed in the early part July and was put in operation at once. Goods and infected clothing are removed from houses where contagious diseases have occurred, both private and public, the sterilizing plant disinfected, and are The Department has carried out the rules and regulations in regard disinfection and fumigation, using formaldehyde in all cases. We have disinfected every case contagious disease that has occurred in this borough. The disinfecting plant modern in every respect, and thoroughly equipped carry out the work homework essay help this Department. Its erection and object has been thoroughly appreciated the medical profession throughout the county. We had experienced some difficulty in removing goods from the outlying districts as promptly as could desired for the reason that the disinfecting plant not centrally situated. We have recently acquired additional horses and wagons, which has overcome The Medical School Inspectors have carried a systematic vaccination in the public schools, and I informed, and the records the Department show, that there not a single child attending the public schools in the Borough Richmond who has not been vaccinated within the time required the Department.

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The establishment five culture stations in the Borough Richmond has been the very greatest service the public and help with speech writing aid the physicians, enabling them make an early diagnosis in cases contagious disease, diphtheria, typhoid fever and tuberculosis, and I believe they have taken advantage the opportunity in all essay writing services us cases have cultures examined.

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The stations are now operating essay writing services recommendations perfect satisfaction and The free distribution antitoxin still continues. Very great demands are being made upon the Department for and being depended upon very generally for Every school in this borough inspected once a day the Medical School Inspectors this Department. There have been very few exclusions from schools, and I believe that the supervision over the schools has been the means lessening contagious disease a very great extent. Medical School Inspectors have also had supervision over the sanitary condition the schools. There have been two cases trachoma reported the Medical School Inspectors which were treated their own physicians. Mr. Henry Clay Weeks, the expert, direction the President, visited this borough during the summer, and made a survey a large area swamp land lying the south shore Staten Island, with the object reclaiming and lessening the breeding ground for mosquitoes.


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