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It should not considered pathological significance unless attached cells or casts, until the possibility its having come from oil used the catheter or other Lipaciduria, in which formic, butyric, and other fatty acids are present in the urine, occasionally seen in diabetes and other diseases, but has no especial clinical significance. Cryoscopy.

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need help on essay The determination the freezing point the urine and estimation therefrom its molecular concentration has not proved sufficient clinical value call for discussion.

MICROSCOPICAL EXAMINATION QP THE SEDIMENT No examination the urine at all complete without the microscopical examination the sediment. Such changes occur in the crystalline sediment, after the alkaline decomposition the urine, and such destruction the cellular elements the sediment, that a fresh specimen drawn the catheter in women if the examination particular importance, preserved the addition a drop formalin, should obtained. If the urine alkaline best essay editing service when passed, as in cystitis, should examined as speedily as possible. Many mistakes have been made examining a specimen from the wrong patient, or contaminating the sediment one urine with the pathological findings another through the use unclean pipettes, etc. These matters deserve especial attention in case operative intervention being considered. In women the catheter should homework help writing essay used with extreme care not soil its tip a false entry, since the urethral orifice may have been scrupulously cleansed, yet the urine contaminated the error inserting the catheter into the urethra after has been soiled a mistaken insertion into the vagina.

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Blood. The presence blood has already been considered under Leukocytes. A few white cells in the sediment are found normally. Their nuclei are more distinct if the urine acid or if rendered acetic acid.

They may stained in various Pns. Pyuria common as the result formation pus within the urinary tract or from contamination the urine pus from dissertation data analysis without Albumin foimd if any notable amount pus present. The pus cells from the urethra in urethritis may squeezed out or may pass out with the first urinary good essay writing company stream, that they are easily classified as origin.

If the urethritis confined the anterior portion the tube the first portion urine purulent, the second clear. If the posterior urethra also involved, both portions are likely contain pus.

Suppurating lesions connecting with the In cystitis the urine conunonly alkaline, contains much pus, and a great number epithelial cells.

The alkaline reaction causes the pus stringy. Blood cells are especially common if stone the cause the cystitis. The last portion the urine contains most the pus the first portion may wash out the pus a coincident urethritis, a clear stream following for an instant, before the pus Simple or malignant ulcer the wall the assignment writing service review bladder, an impacted stone, a diverticulum which does not drain well, or irritation the bladder wall an abscess or growth in contact with may cause pus appear in the urine. The obscured nuclei the pus cells in alkaline urine may cleared the addition acetic acid. Most the cells are the ordinary polymorphonuclear type. Pus from the ureter does jiot differ from that from the pelvis the kidney, and the condition determined the catheterization the ureters.


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