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Most specimens have little smell.

Quite characteristic odors are those gangrene, a sickening stench the heavy foul custom writings plagiarism odor bronchiectasis, phthisical cavities containing decomposed secretion, abscess cavities and putrid bronchitis and the colon-bacillus odor sputum from appendical abscesses and other suppurations originating in the abdomen, which have perforated into EXAMINATION OF THE BODY FLUIDS the chest cavity. This latter contingency probably much more frequent than generally believed, many examples having come The sputum generally alkaline excepting in those cases in which has decomposed through long retention.

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Since the blood hematemesis generally acid from the gastric secretions, in case doubt, as between hemoptysis and hematemesis, an alkaline reaction would After spreading the sputum out upon a porcelain or glass surface, upon inspection with the naked eye or with low power lens may learn much value in diagnosis.

Cheesy plugs are seen in the sputum tuberculosis, especially with cavity formation, abscess lung, and gangrene. They are yellowish-gray or darker in color, and such size as seen fairly with the unaided eye. They are fragments necrotic tissue with adhering pus cells, bacteria, fatty acid crystals and epithelial cells. Dittrich's plugs may reach a larger size, and are opaque and yellowish-gray in color.

They originate in the small bronchi or bronchioles, especially what is dissertation writing in severe types chronic bronchitis, but may expectorated free from other elements the sputum, and even healthy individuals.

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They resemble the plugs from the crypts the tonsil. Concretions may found coming either from the bronchi or from lung cavities.

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They are the result calcification caseous tuberculous foci in the latter, the calcareous mass reaching a bronchus a process ulceration. A calcified bronchial gland might easily expectorated.

Calcium salts predominate in these concretions. In one cases a sloughing bronchial gland was Casts. Fibrinous bronchial casts, simple or arborescent, according their place origin, are occasionally seen in fibrinous types bronchitis, and in acute pneumonia.

The arborescent casts may have a definite lumen, and may website that writes essays branch several times, as one may note upon floating them out in water.

Blood and epithelial cells are ontaugled or adherent. Casts the larger bronchi may diph theritic origin, and others have been found composed the mycelium the Aspergillus and other fungi. Foreign Bodies. Pins, safety pins, fragments nut shells, coins, pieces custom admission essay bone, milk introduced essay services into the trachea mistake, and other foreign bodies may expectorated and such occurrences are not infrequent. Deception hysterical women and malingerers should guarded against. One should careful distinguish food fragments and other accidental additions the sputum from the actual Epithelial and blood cells different varieties are the most prominent objects in the average sputa. Squamous epithelia are present from the mouth, pharynx and vocal cords. Cylindrical cells are often found from the nose or the bronchial tract, occasionally showing the cilia.


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