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The large majority healthy persons have one movement daily. Persons dark complexion and bilious temperament are more subject constipation than others. Constipation may originate from a multitude causes.

Its extreme frequency in civilized life depends largely upon the changes in the manner living, from that normal man in an uncivilized or semi-civilized state. The sedentary habits modern life, the consequent lessened intake food, the use foods prepared as rid them their indigestible portions, the introduction refined sugar containing much nutriment and no residue, the use tea and astringent wine containing a certain amount tannin, the frequent lack desire, need help with writing an essay because lack exercise, for water and other fluid, are some the causes operating leave a lessened amount residue in the bowel and this bland in character, and harder and dryer than normal. Lack opportunity, in many occupations, for immediate attention the desire defecate, an additional factor. Constipation may also occur because fever lessens the intake food and causes the stools more thoroughly dessicated because lessening in the amount bile and best online paper writers other digestive juices because loss fluid from the system from sweating or polyuria diabetes because lessened excitability the motor apparatus the digestive tract because overdistention the bowel coarse and indigestible food because weakening the expulsive power the abdominal muscles from paralysis, overdistention from pregnancy, ascites, etc. or because paresis the intestinal muscles from some inflammation the peritoneal coat the bowel. Local conditions may cause as fissure the anus, hemorrhoids, rectal disease, prostatitis, and disease the female sexual organs, Exhaustion the normal excitability the bowel may occur from the overuse purgatives, with resulting constipation. The obstinate constipation morphin habitues, with fecal impaction in the buy college research paper rectum in some cases, well known. The tannin in the acorns used the Digger Indians produces a similar effect. Starvation, either from lack food or inability get into the bowel because esophageal or gastric disease, may the cause. Lead poisoning, setting a condition spasm the intestinal musculature, and FOOD AND DRINK, DIGESTION AND DEFECATION hysteria how to write thesis and pelvic disease in women, accompanied such spasm, should noted. In meningitis and various i need to write an essay about myself mental diseases, constipation often present, buy sociology research paper there being some interference with the nervous mechanism defecation. Anemic, chlorotic, neurasthenic, and insane patients generally suffer from costiveness.

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Purely mechanical causes, such as partial obstruction from adhesions, stricture, pressure the rectum retroverted uterus, or tumors, enteroptosis, ruptured perineum, congenital dilatation the colon or the much rarer congenital dilatation the small bowel, which I have reported a case with autopsy, deserve mention. Recent investigations have proved the lessened number bacteria in the constipated stool as compared with the normal, due more thorough digestion and absorption the pabulum upon which they feed. The lessened irritation the intestinal walls because their phd thesis writer absence often a factor. The obstinate constipation certain cases gastric hyperacidity presumably due similar over-thorough digestion, just as the converse state diarrhea in anacidity may due an opposite Actual intestinal obstruction will considered elsewhere.

The constipated individual suffers from uneasy feelings in the abdomen, and more often from furred tongue, headache, lassitude, and loss appetite. custom law essays To the absorption toxins which should eliminated, summarizing and paraphrasing worksheets many authorities, following Andrew Clark, attribute the development chlorosis, and there can no doubt the importance constipation in the development certain types anemia and nervous exhaustion. Hemorrhoids, prolapse the rectum, hypersecretion intestinal mucus from irritation, neuralgic pain in the rectal region, and even a mild type jaundice from a gastroduodenal catarrh may result. Diarrhea may occur as the result fermentation setting in upon the long-retained intestinal contents. The palpation masses hardened feces in the colon, sigmoid, and rectum, more especially in women, while making a pelvic examination IS familiar every physician. Dilatation the bowel, ulceration, perforation, fecal impaction, occasionally with channelling, and diverticulitis, are grave possibilities in obstinate cases.


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