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The finding occult blood in very small amounts from gastric ulcer or cancer, or help with essays similar lesions below, an Pit. Fatty stools occur when the normal entrance the bile and pancreatic juice into the bowel prevented, and the fat thus remains undigested. The whiter stools characterize more especially pancreatic disease, and may consist mostly fat Glycosuria and Oall-stones. Gall-stones may found after a so-called successful attack biliary colic, the stools being mixed with water and passed through a sieve facilitate the process. A faceted stone indicates that more than one has been present The passage many stones in a single stool justifies the diagnosis a rupture the gallbladder into the bowel. One hundred and seventy-five thus passed at once with full recovery in one patients. The stone found in but a very small percentage cases after biliary colic, since fails pass the duct in most these attacks.

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proofreading online Many patients bring either particles intestinal sand, seeds fruit or other foreign bodies, or the pale greenish lumps soapy appearance seen after taking the olive-oil treatment for gall-stone disease, believing them gallstones. Pancreatic calculi consisting chiefly carbonate lime, are friable that they are rarely recognized when passed.

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Intestinal Sand.

Small grains mineral matter, chiefly salts calcium, are passed certain patients essay about helping someone in need suffering from secretory neuroses affecting the bowel. Vegetable concretions should distinguished.

They are often derived from bananas and pears, but may originate from other fruits and vegetables. Slonglis.

These may occur as the result the separation the necrosed portion the typhoidal patch, the loop the bowel in intussusception, the pancreas in pancreatitis, a polyp, or a patch mucous membrane in dysentery, or a cancerous growtL Enteroliths. Stony masses may result buy a history research paper from the calcification i need help to write a essay EXAMINATION OF THE BODY FLUIDS long retained scybalous masses. Calculi made largely magnesium and calcium salts are rarely present. Bismuth and other drugs may my paper online singapore form enteroliths, and even cause intestinal obstruction. Hulls homework help persuasive essay oatmeal, those the core the apple, seeds various kinds, toothbrush bristles, hair, etc. may found in buy essays online cheap the concretion.

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Foreign Bodies. Coins, pieces bone, and various other substances swallowed accident and especially swallowed dime museum freaks and the insane, are occasionally found in the stools. Articles inserted into the bowel may found. The Murphy button occasionally a welcome constituent the fecal movement. Parasites.


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