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We were, however, considerably hampered owing the fact that bills were held in the hospitals and offices for week without any satisfactory explanation.

Contractors placed the blame for this delay this office, not being able understand that in reality other officers the Department were responsible. Effort being made see that these bills are passed this office dissertation writing uk promptly from the hospitals and heads divisions. The new method recording the liabilities the Department, which was started in, worked very satisfactorily during this year. At the close business were able ascertain within a few minutes the exact amount the unexpended balances in the various appropriations. Minor changes were made in the methods keeping some the records, all which added the effectiveness and correctness these accounts.

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The so-called requisition book, which had been kept for years, was discontinued about the middle the year. It was discovered that all the data formerly contained in this book was practically custom essay writing cheap being duplicated in the liability book and in certain card indices, that the information could obtained in a quicker and more satisfactory way.

No change has been ade in the method caring for the pay-rolls the Department. The method employed during and for some years prior that, with slight modifications, seems very satisfactory.

The number names the pay-rolls during has been somewhat increased over that. A great many temporary positions were filled during the year, which complicated the records a great Revenue Bonds were issued the Board Estimate and Apportionment for the emplo Tnent Vaccinators, Special Medical Inspectors, Disinfectors, and for other purposes, which increased the number pay-rolls very materially. As, there were practically no exceptions taken the rolls as forwarded the Civil Service Commission, and the Finance Department.

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During the year Comptroller changed somewhat the method issuing checks the different departments. Heretofore checks had been printed for dissertation writing services reviews the various monthly salaries likely occur in the Department's rolls, and was then only necessary fill in the employee's name.

Under the new system was impracticable print the amount the salaries the checks and they were therefore submitted in blank, and the Clerk was required write out not only the employee's name, but the amount his salary as well. Each professional writing company check was numbered and the Clerk in charge was held responsible for each individual check. If in writing any check should in any manner spoil the spoiled check was returned the Comptroller with those which had been properly filled out. write custom essays This verj materially increased the work. Payments the employees at the hospitals were made, as heretofore, in cash. The contract system for purchasing supplies, which was adopted in the latter part, was continued and amplified during. More items were placed contract than had been included in the contracts for, and the specifications were revised and corrected that they were much more exact and better adapted the needs the Department. Errors which had crept into the contracts were corrected, and specifications that had called for goods a character not specially adapted the needs the Department were changed. Inasmuch as saw the beginning the contract system for the purchase supplies was perfectly natural that a considerable revision the specifications should necessary. Where trouble had been experienced with contractors over interpretations some specifications, samples were exhibited.


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