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The longest continuance constipation probably in cases congenital dilatation the colon. In one such case coming under observation the patient had no stool for three months and then passed nearly pounds feces when the bowels were finally opened.

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In this condition the stools are more frequent and Diarrhea may depend upon increased peristalsis alone, which may due purely nervous influences, as in the diarrhea occurring from fright or anxiety, and in hysteria, exophthalmic goiter, and the abdominal crises tabes. The intestine presents no pathological change, and the stools are simply more fluid than normal.

Increased peristalsis a prominent factor in the diarrhea arising from the use purgative drugs, and from help with papers various irritants the intestinal mucosa, whether introduced from without, as improper food, arsenic and other poisons, taken the mouth, or irritants, given enema, or generated within the digestive tract, as in the fermentation certain foods, either because the nature the food or because the digestive power affected. This type especially frequent in children, and associated with the presence various micro-organisms and toxins due their action.

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The diarrhea resulting from overeating and drinking should mentioned.

Catarrhal inflammation a factor in many cases the The bowel wall may irritated, peristalsis increased, and in some cases a catarrhal inflammation established, because the presence some constitutional disease. Thus the eliminating urinary waste products the bowel occurs in uremia, with resultant diarrhea. In sepsis, after the extensive irritation the skin, as in bums, and in various infectious diseases, this symptom often present.

Diarrhea occurs when the amount fluid within the intestinal canal becomes greater than normal, whether top rated essay writing websites from direct increase, as after the use saline drugs and in cholera, or from failure proper absorption, as in the portal congestion hepatic Diarrhea a symptom many varieties intestinal ulceration, as in typhoid, tuberculosis, and dysentery, and the ulceration FOOD AND DRINK, DIGESTION AND DEFECATION malignant disease.

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The presence blood and mucus commonly The diarrhea mucous colitis accompanied the passage mucous casts or shreds, and especially seen in neurotic women.

In the stools the lienteric diarrhea the older authors undigested fragments food are a prominent feature. If the intestinal contents escape prematurely, as through an artificial anus or fecal fistula, or if the canal becomes short-circuited a pathological or surgical communication between custom research papers writing service the upper thesis writing practice and lower portions, The association the bacillus coli, enteritidis, dysenterise, Entameba histolytica, and other organisms, with various types diarrhea will discussed elsewhere.

The stools may number from a few a score or more in hours. The earlier movements in acute cases contain chiefly food remnants, the later ones mucus, increased amounts intestinal secretion, and often blood, frequently only in traces. Pain, abdominal distention, flatulence, tenesmus, irritation about the anus, thirst, diminution in the amount urine, weakness, faintness in some cases, and even collapse with lowered temperature, may noted. Fever a frequent accompaniment, and vomiting often present. If much fluid lost, as in cholera nostras and Asiatic cholera, cramps in the muscles, especially the legs, are complained Chronic diarrhea usually associated with some severe catarrhal or definite ulcerative lesion in the bowel wall. Chronic intestinal catarrh the basis the morning diarrhea seen in neurotic individuals, in which several loose passages occur during the forenoon, abnormal only in their soft consistence and in the excess Tenesmns. The painful straining at stool which develops in the course diarrhea called tenesmus. This symptom may also occur in dysentery, and in almost any disease producing an irritation the rectal mucosa. This may a simple proctitis, or the result trauma, or from malignant disease, prostatitis, cystitis, especially in association with vesical calculus, or from a polyp, intestinal parasites or impacted feces.


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