Fakultät Informatik

Felix Kress is in his 4th semester studying Information Systems (Bachelor).

I have been studying at the TU München for 2 years now and I am very satisfied with the course of study selection as well as with the university.

What I really like is the variety and individuality of the course of study. One can choose among the wide selection of courses and practical training offerings. This way, one can try to see what one likes and  can immerse oneself in a particular direction.  For example the iPhone internship-in a team with fellow students, I developed software for a real customer. This practical training gave me insight into: Project work, the conduct of negotiations as well as software development, in a practical way, something that a course could not offer. Teamwork with tight deadlines was not only demanding it was also fun.

What also provides additional assistance during my studies is the support I receive from the chairs of the department. When I have questions I most often receive my answers on the same day. For example when I needed Professors’ letters of recommendation for various applications last year, I only had to send a request email and have an interview with the professors, who made time for this, and the letters were in my hands two weeks later already.


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