Fakultät Informatik

Michael Braun (25) is in his 4th semester studying Informatics (Master)

I have been studying at the TU München since 2006. I had opted for the TUM based on positive reports from other students. I have been satisfied with my choice of university since the beginning of my studies. On the one hand, Munich as a city has much to offer, and on the other hand, the offerings at the TU are very convincing.

During these past years, apart from the regular lectures, I was able to gain insight into a various range of subjects via numerous internships and projects. I find this range of possibilities both helpful and important in order to make a good decision when choosing subjects for my Master’s studies.

The high point of my studies so far is my Master’s thesis. I am completing my thesis under the supervision of Prof. Esparza in cooperation with the company mgm Technology Partners. What is exciting here is that the work is coordinated from the chair of theoretical informatics and that there is nevertheless a close tie to the current problems in the economy. Due to the fact that I am present during regular working hours and that I am also present during meetings, I am gaining deep insight into the activities and working methods of a company, as well as into the practical challenges of software development and project management in larger teams. Equally motivating is the fact that one assists in the development of products and that some of them actually come into operation.

The personal support is also excellent, both on the company side and on the university side. For questions and problems, one always takes enough time for explanations and discussions. Last but not least, I am also very glad to have decided to do this Master’s thesis because of the personal atmosphere in the company and at the chair.


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