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In August and September they eat their grapes, with the leaves they feed their oxen and dung the land, upon the pips their pigeons feed, and even the strippings the plant they riddle out and sell at twenty soldi the staio.

The Vine-dressers used hang the bunches grapes in the Palco, or roof, their dwellings, and keep them eat in Lent. There are divers sorts grapes, the names such as I remember are these Uva Canaiuola, good either eate or for wine Passerina, a small grape, whereof sparrows feed, good only for wine Trebbiana, the best sort white grapes for wine, whereof they make them Vino Trebbiano Zibibbo, dryed for Lent Moscatella, with a taste like muske, not for wine but eate Uva Grossa, not eate nor for wine, but a few these put among a great vessell writing services us wine, giveth a colour, for which only serveth San Columbana and Riinaldesca, a very delicate grape, either for wine or eate Lugliola, which hath his name the month July, wherein ripe, better eate than for wine lastly, Cerisiana, named for the taste hath like a cherry, So far as may gathered from scattered notices in many authorities the gathering the vintage was very much the same in Tuscany, in the Renaissance, as to-day. On the first day the peasants the estate, and hired labourers from the city, accompanied the Vine-growers, with shears and baskets, into the paraphrasing website vineyards. White grapes were picked first, and left dry in the sun for some weeks, until the juice began drop from them. This was the Vino Santo the favourite white wine honour, and that The best black grapes were cut and left ferment themselves, whilst those inferior quality were cast into big wooden essay writers service vats. When full the vats were drawn white oxen the vat-house, where, twice a day, for a week, bare-legged Dallington, Survey. lads and lassies stamped and danced, upon the fruit, their hearts content.

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The first draughts this expressed juice, which had course been fermenting all the time, were poured over the richer black clusters placed carefully in the winepress, whilst the rest the mixture, called Primo Vino was the beverage the well-to-do citizens. Second and third qualities were also produced the latter the addition water whence its name Mezzo Vino the drink the common people.

The winepress was wood strongly though clumsily constructed, with a big wooden screw and flat wooden slabs. The Florentines old were a pleasure-loving race despite the many serious traits in their character.

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Nothing pleased them more than sit in the wine-shops after their meals, and there sing and dance, wager and drink, their hearts content but, like sensible men, they knew when they had had enough ! The wines most in demand at these jovial scenes were Vernaccia, Leatico Trebbiano and Vino Santo. They were all sweet and aromatic, and a rich and flashing golden colour, yet not too potent interfere with the full enjoyment coursework samples and exhilaration To this list must added the sweet wines Montecalcino Pescianico, and Verdea named many writers. Carmignano Pomino, and Chianti were alike celebrated, the latter grown the sides technical writing service the rocky hills around Siena, both red and astringent, and white and luscious. The wine Artimino had the character the claret to-day, whilst Montepulciano, far the most famous, combined luscious flavour, with aromatic sharpness and a remarkably brilliant purple colour.

The finest blend Tuscan wine was that which has been held in the highest estimation for more than four hundred years, namely Sangiogheto grapes, Canaiuolo and i Malvasia or Trebbiano. The amount average wine consumed per annum in Florence in the middle the fourteenth century was upwards fifty-five thousand cogni measures containing each ten barrels. In years public rejoicings the total attained sixty-five thousand cogni. And wine was cheap in those days.

Mazzei says that had heard an entire vineyard offered for sale at sixty gold florins ! The wine served proofreading online the Priors during their tenure office cost only thirty gold florins a sum marking the moderation their Magnificences ! The extraordinary love the Florentines for fixing and regulating quantities, qualities, weights, bulks, prices, etc. descended the merest trifles. Nothing which could in any way called a marketable commodity was forgotten. The common cheap drink the peasantry, clover juice, was free in the Contado The value the Vine industry and the wealth the Winemerchants need help with a paper were attested in a curious way in the year. During the Patronal Festival San Giovanni Battista the previous year, the immense canvas and silk awnings, which had been from early days provided Guild Calimala cover over the Piazza dr San Giovanni, were almost completely destroyed fire.


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