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Here Antonio Francesco Grazziani, whose nickname was Lasco Idle-dog ! carried the business a chemist. He was nevertheless a poet and a novelist. His family came from Staggia Florence in the fourteenth century, and was registered upon the Matriculation Rolls the Apothecaries. He famous as the founder Accademia della Crusca the polite speech Tuscany.

Cosimo de Medici Father his Country greatly encouraged medical research and surgical manipulation. On Statuta Populi Communis Florentiae, Rub. Iv.

the fall Constantinople, welcomed a numerous band Greek scholars.

One the earliest evidences their influence was the translation into Italian an ancient manuscript, dealing with the science Surgery. This was followed excerpts from other manuscripts ancient naturalist writers. Cosimo employed the new teachers also prepare a new Florentine Pharmacopoeia, comprising the formulas in local use, and others, gathered from various Schools Medicine in Europe, custom term paper writing or extracted from the stores ancient lore.

To assist his medical staff, founded a Laboratory botanical science, in which applied himself energetically the study herbs.

This was the first Florentine Laboratory, or School Critical Research, in which Apothecaries were able learn amend the simple and unscientific methods which they had hitherto followed Another famous Laboratory, or Pharmacy, was established under the sign The Lily, late in the fifteenth century.

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There the Rosselli family, Romolo, Stefano, and Francesco, carried the business Apothecaries, and also wrote several learned treatises upon medical and surgical subjects and, in the person Cosimo, gave proof artistic proclivities custom written dissertation as well.

A Dominican Father, Agostino del Riccio, who wrote Treatise Agriculture, names the Apothecary Stefano Rosselli with particular honour, and says the city Florence owes a debt gratitude this noble man, because has cured many citizens buying an essay the secret remedies which compounded in his shop. In the cloister the monastic hospital Santa Maria Novella a Spezieria, or Drug Store, was opened for the manufacture medicines, the rendering medicinal oils, unguents and perfumes, under the direction a council incorporated Apothecaries.

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The Farmacia delta Pecora, in the Mercato Nuovo, was another important establishment for the dispensing medicines under the The Pinadoro was a well-known Apothecary's shop, and was the training school for many a famous Florentine Perino del Naga among the number. Each the Monasteries had its Spezieria, or Dispensary as say, where medicaments, condiments and many necessary comforts were distributed gratis, or at a very low figure, sick and needy applicants. The members the religious orders were past-masters in the subtle arts pharmacy, and undoubtedly made use their powers advance the cause With respect the number Apothecaries, whose names were enrolled upon the Matriculation Registers the Guild, Villani records that, they were wellnigh one hundred. Benedetto Dei gives the number registered Apothecaries in as sixty-six the shrinkage being due, doubtless, trade competition, whereby the smaller and less enterprising men suffered The botteghe the Apothecaries were not the least ornamental and attractive the many shops Old Florence. Their internal arrangement followed strictly conventional lines. Two rooms at least were required, the one giving upon the street or market was the shop in particular, whilst the room behind served for the mixing and preparation the multitudinous variety objects offered for need help writing thesis statement sale, and for the accommodation apprentices and Across the centre the shop ran a counter with drawers and cupboards, and upon together with tetttpots ointment, tazzine tasting report writing assignment help cups, and fiole cruets, were displayed.small and interesting articles, such as scents, gloves, satchets, buckles, and nicknacks all kinds from beyond the seas. Upon a firm pedestal stood the big mortar made metal or earthenware, with strong outside ribs like buttresses masonry bear the heavy pounding condiments. On a side-table were sets Vast puerperali accouchement services, and canestralle dessert dishes. Behind, along the walls, were ranged shelves wood, holding in due order earthenware albarelli and boccali dry drug jars and jugs for liquids.


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