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When pneumonia, perforation, etc.

occur the usual polynucleosis found. A secondary anemia, the usual type common after the fever begins Pericarditis and endocarditis are decidedly unusual complications in typhoid. On the other hand, changes in the myocardium term papers writers are the rule, since the heart muscle cannot endure well the combination starvation, overwork, and toxemia a prolonged fever.

paper writing services Parenchymatous degeneration, often fatty, and perhaps accompanied an interstitial myocarditis best thesis writing service common.

Dilatation the heart, relative mitral insufficiency, feebleness the pulse, and the heart sounds, pulmonary congestion, thrombosis, asthenia, and collapse all follow in the train the myocardial changes.

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Thayer has shown the frequency arteriosclerosis as a late sequel typhoid, and degenerative muscular changes in the heart wall may become apparent years after the fever. Patients with valvular disease often not withstand the strain the fever, and acute dilatation and death may occur writers services in the height the disease.

I have seen death in the second week from pure heart failure in a mild case typhoid in a young woman who followed the then popular fad no breakfast and a diet fruits.

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A well-nourished and efficient heart muscle a sine qua non in the fight for life in typhoid fever. The most common vascular complication venous thrombosis, especially in the veins the lower extremities, the femoral the left side being the favorite seat.

Although the right femoral vein may affected alone, most often involved after the left has been obstructed. In some seasons thrombosis far more frequent than the, commonly given as its ratio, would lead expect, and I believe undoubtedly more frequent under the tub bath treatment.

I have seen six patients in successive beds afflicted at the same time.

Comer believes that per cent, all cases typhoid show venous thrombosis some form, and that many the pleural and pulmonary complications are such origin.

Thrombosis the iliac vein often precedes that in the femoral and should carefully sought for in event pain in the lower abdomen, and especially if chills occur. Pain, chills, fever, swelling and tenderness are present. The organism typhoid may found in the clot. Pulmonary embolism may occur from dislodgment fragments the thrombus. Pyemia a rare occurrence. The swelling becomes less after a collateral circulation established. If the iliac veins involved, however, likely thesis writing help uk remain a prominent feature for a long time, eventually subsiding somewhat as large venous communications develop above the groin the affected side, carrying the blood around the obstruction. These great veins are much more common as the result typhoid than other diseases that they offer semipresumptive evidence its occurrence. In similar manner the presence an enlarged left leg should lead ask first for a history typhoid. Venous thrombosis unusual in the arm, sinuses the head, etc.


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