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Whilst holding these appointments they were forbidden undertake any other professional duties.

They kept the State Records, and had at hand all documents and materials which would likely asked for in the course deliberations. They were paid much for the copies they wrote, ranging from seven lire for complete lists citizens chargeable with Catasto or Income-tax, seven soldi for drafts the Lucrative fees were often paid the State Notaries for copying Statutes and other documentary matter. two Notaries received forty-two lire for copying, illuminating and binding two new narrative essay writing help Statutes. To a Notary, who compiled an alphabetical register the names exiles, from the time the Podesta Pietro dei Stefaneschi the year, was granted a sum forty gold florins. Six Notaries were bidden, copy out the Register Citizens for Estzmo Valuation Property, and they were paid thirty lire? Each Guild had its own special Notaries, whose nominations and appointments were generally made at a joint meeting the Consuls the Guilds.

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Under date December, I, the following Guilds were thus provided for six months Bakers, Armourers and Swordmakers, Oil, Cheese, and Provision Merchants, Woollen Merchants, Tanners, Doctors and Apothecaries Judges and Notaries, Butchers, Skinners and Furriers, Retail Cloth Dealers and Linen Merchants, Wine Merchants, Carpenters, Innkeepers, Locksmiths and Metal Workers, Silk Merchants and These legal officials were engaged daily, either in the Superior Courts, or in the Consular Courts the several Guilds. In the latter Tribunals they acted as confidential advisers litigants, and also as pleaders in Court. They were allowed take fees from the persons seeking their assistance, and they received, in addition, fixed biennial payments from the Guilds whose This twofold avocation led gradually writing a thesis paragraph the creation a new order legal functionaries an intermediate degree, speak, in the membership the Guild.

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Senior or more ambitious Notaries obtained general recognition as Leaders, Advocates Appeal, and forth, and were entrusted with the higher duties the profession, and at times were admitted as Assessors in certain suits the Judges the bench. This an interesting development in legal procedure, and was no doubt the parent the British system barristers and solicitors.

Much the time writing assignment help Notaries was taken with drafting charters commercial and political drawing business agreements, help me write a thesis contracts, and adjudications preparing balance-sheets and other auditorial matters conducting foreign correspondence for merchants and dealing, generally, with the thousand and one clerical details the immense trade Florence.

Every business house and bank had its own special Notary, and had the richer nobles, and the more important private citizens. Besides this, Notaries were despatched, for longer or shorter periods, the many foreign cities and districts in which Florentine merchants had branch houses and agencies. One, Lamberto Velluti, a member the wealthy silk-manufacturing family, was employed as Notary one the ships the Peruzzi Company.

Of him recorded that, after had gained sufficient capital fees and charges, set in business his own account as a shipper merchandise. All embassies foreign Courts, and all special missions for signing treaties and other international engagements, required the services Notaries.

They were bound give notice at the Monte Contune, public Pawn Office, all instruments drawn them for the payment taxes, and, within a month their execution, deposit copies at the Offices Notaries, too, were employed in drawing university essay help wills, copies which they were required file within thirty days after the testator's death. They were forbidden draft instruments THE GUILD OF JUDGES AND NOTARIES benefiting themselves, or any member their families, under a penalty fifty lire the instrument drawn was also declared Notaries were appointed from time time inquire into, and report upon, disorders among the hired soldiery the Republic. These mercenaries were originally members military companies, which were first enrolled under Condottieri, Foreign Captains, when the faction fights between the Grandi and the Popolani were at their height. Their duties, in the first instance, were defence the Contado, but their services were retained, later for the safeguarding the city also. Four hundred were required each night patrol the following streets Porta Rossa, Calimala, Baccano, For Santa dissertation chapters Maria, and the Corso degli Adimari, and other streets and squares, where were situated most the Residences and Offices the Guilds, the principal Banks, and the great Mercantile Companies, together with the shops the more considerable If women troubled worthy Judges with their fashions and their witchery, out-of-elbows Notaries worried the fair sex, in their quest for citations-at-bar, for breaches the sumptuary laws. The protocols concerning dress were written out the gentlemen the long robe, who, not content writing a thesis outline with their faultless penmanship, busied themselves in the application the The officials Grascia were quick-witted Notaries. It was their amusement and their profit interrogate all the women they met. When they saw one wearing, for example, two rings ornamented with fine pearls, or a little cap or wreath embroidered and embellished with gold, they noted down her name.


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