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Women were forbidden hawk green produce about the streets. Green nuts were also forbidden sold. It was strictly prohibited carry through the streets, or offer for sale, more than three bunches unripe grapes. Ripe wine grapes were also forbidden as marketable commodities.

On Sundays, and all through Holy Week, the sale green-stuff in the Mercato Vecchio was absolutely prohibited.

All fruiterers and dealers in vegetables were required appear in the month January each year, before the Market Officials, and swear carry their business honestly, peacefully, and diligently. The sale certain articles was absolutely forbidden in the squares, bridges, and certain other localities Olives, fruit, vegetables, grass, straw, cheese, eggs, fish, geese, small birds, chickens, foxes, hares, and venison.

Hawkers such were not allowed stand in front the Market-stalls or street shops established Poultry, vegetables, fruit, eggs, game, venison, and other like produce could not doctoral thesis offered for sale in the Markets or shops if the place origin was outside a nine-mile radius. Thrushes and blackbirds were no account allowed offered for sale in Florence. professional assignment writers Quails might sold only in August, September and No Innkeeper, Vegetable-dealer, or anybody who traded in such things, was allowed buy in the streets, bridges, or squares the following comestibles pigs, kids, calves, chickens, pigeons, eggs, cheese, and joints fresh meat, or sows with litters. The last prohibition held good also in the case butchers.

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help for english essays Porkbutchers were not allowed use the same slaughter-houses as those occupied the Beccai.

buy school papers Pigs indeed could only killed between September and March. In the shops the Guild every kind salt meat buy essay online safe was sale, and also fish salted and dried.

If any fruiterer or poulterer essay writing service recommendation whatever condition ventured buy mushrooms, cheese, eggs, chickens, or poultry any kind and venison, or loiter about where such things were offered for sale before the hour nones with or without license or wait within two hundred yards, or she was liable a fine ten lire, which if or she could not, or would not pay, then the man was put in prison for a month, and the woman was beaten through the streets with a stick ! All Provision dealers were obliged appear in the month January dissertation help uk each year before the Market authorities and their notary, and pay over a sum fifty silver florins way security for their honest dealings with the poorer people.

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They were under the same schedule Statutes help me do my essay as were the millers and bakers with respect the sale grain and baked meats.

The olive-oil they offered for sale had pure and clear and sweet-smelling, and meat stuffs whatever kind required correct marking substitution thesis writing in uk inferior for superior qualities were closely watched. If any comestible was found bad or mouldy, the dealer was visited with a fine twenty lirel The measures for oil were the same as for wine, and each cask, jar, bowl, ewer, bottle, or other utensil, had bear in clear figures the quantity which was reputed hold. No oilmerchant could have in his shop at the same time more than four jars olive oil, which were labelled with the name the olive yard and the who can write my paper olive-grower. Dealing in oil between private persons was forbidden, as also was its hawking about the city. Provision dealers who supplied candles were enjoined see that they were made good tallow, and had serviceable cotton wicks. All inferior descriptions were seized and destroyed the Market officials. The boiling and melting tallow for making candles was forbidden within sixty yards any principal street. Sellers straw, fire-wood, and other burning materials, were required appear each January before the Market officials, and promise solemnly observe all the regulations and bye-laws affecting their calling failure appear incurred a fine fifty lire. At the same time no combustible matter was allowed stored for sale within the city walls.


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