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The Emperor immediately recognised the importance these natural curiosities, and their potentialities in the arena commerce, and took the monks under his special protection.

Turkey thus became the mother silk-worm cultivation and silk-manufacture in Europe. The first extension the area the silk buy custom term papers industry was Greece, in the eighth century, almost at the time its introduction into Spain the Moors. Greek emigrants, colonising the shores and islands the Mediterranean, still further increased the The date the introduction into Italy silk-worms and cocoons, if somewhat late in time, was effective in result.

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In King Roger Sicily led an expedition against Thebes, Athens, and Corinth and, having subdued them, and the surrounding country, took back Palermo, among the spoils the conqueror, a number Greek artizans skilled in the manufacture instant essay writer silk-brocade and gold-work. These people settled down wherever the King placed them, and immediately set about Within fifty years the establishment the Silk industry in Palermo a number silk-workers had emigrated the mainland Italy and, these, a considerable party found their way sea Leghorn and Pisa, and thence Lucca, Milan, and Venice, in each which cities silk-manufacture was actively going How exactly silk-worms, and the making silken goods, first reached Florence are matters uncertainty. Probably the suitability the Vale Arno for the cultivation the mulberry was known the inhabitants Lucca, and them imparted The earliest silk-worker, however, in Florence, whose name has been recorded, was a Neapolitan, called after the name his birthplace Napoleone, who, in the Archives dealing with the year, described as a merchant in silk-cloth.

Anyhow before the end the twelfth century, not only the precious verme silk-worm, but the indispensable erba vermini, silk worm food, the mulberry-leaf, were introduced into personal writers the Contado Of course the manufacturing silken textures was chiefly dependent, for many a long day, upon the import raw silk.

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However this may have been there are ample records the flourishing state the new industry in the first decade the The brocades first woven the immigrant silk-workers, from Lucca and Naples, were after classical patterns, learnt in Greece, and handed down, but varied the influences Sicilian Almost, if not quite, the earliest specimens silk-brocade made in Florence are especially interesting in that they reproduce the designs the magnificent tessellated pavement San Giovanni Battista, which was completed. personal statement writing services The silk trade, may frankly admitted, did not thrive, in early days, as prosperously as did that wool. There were differences between the two. First all the cultivation the silk-worm was attended with greater risks than the rearing sheep, and the value raw silk in foreign markets was far in The manufacture tissues silk, and gold and silver, represented a far higher value material, and required more costly manipulation, than did woollen cloth. The capital involved, even a small scale, was also greater.

On the other hand the sale price silken goods did not bear high a ratio the cost production as was the case in woollen manufactures. The profit upon spun silk was considerably less than that spun wool.

For example a pound weight raw Spanish wool, which cost about two and a half lire, could manufactured into fine cloth worth forty lire whilst a pound raw silk, before dressing, fetched not less than thirty lire, and the simple silken tissue, woven therefrom, realised no more than one hundred and twenty lire. The admixture gold and silver thread, or cord, course, increased greatly the cost production, whilst the prices realised did not bear a proportionate value. L'Osservatore Florentine. Pagnini, and The silk industry therefore grew slowly but surely, and the beginning the thirteenth century a goodly number looms were at work, and manufacturers began organise themselves into Companies and Corporations.

The Origin Guild Silk coeval with that the Guild Wool and Calimala Guild. The Consuls the three Guilds signed the treaty Peace with Siena. Again, and, the signatures the Consuls the Silk Guild are appended the Treaties with Volterra and Orvieto, along with those writing essays help the other Consuls. The Guild was far incorporated that a moral Code was issued for the A Codex preserved among the Archives the City, for the year, belonging Por Santa Maria It entitled Libro Matriculo and the earliest Matriculation-Roll existing. It records that write my term paper for me Claro, son Guido Arlotti, d Oltrarno Simbaldo, son Bartolo Caccialupi, son Caccia, della Porta Santa Maria Cardinale, son Marcoaldo, Santa Cecilia Dono Spinelli Arrigo Renucciai Pressa Calimala were matriculated in that year. The Roll goes, and contains three hundred and sixty other names further referred under date, when the Statutes for all the Guilds were subjected thorough revision.


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