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Disputed tares were at once taken before the Consuls for their decision.

Any person attempting pass off rubbish any kind as good sound wool was punished a fine one hundred lire. The use unjust weights, and undue pressure the hand upon the scale incurred a penalty two The office Sensale, agent, was quite as important in connection with the Wool Guild, as was with Guild Calimala Many these middle men made huge profits, and became influential merchants but, in the archives, under the year, a curious entry, which states that a certain wool-broker declared had not earned more than fifty lire that The Consuls the Guild required that all payments for yarn, cloth, raw-wool, and the adjuncts the industry should made in advance, coursework writer uk for sales effected within a distance one hundred miles from the city and further, they forbade discounts every kind. Payments customers, or agents, beyond that distance were managed Letters Credit, under special notes interest, agreed upon with the co-operation Guild The Statutes buy research papers online the Guild were revised had an instantaneous and beneficent effect upon the woollen industry at large. Their fame had preceded them, and they were welcomed manufacturer and operative alike.

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The former saw the possibilities greater gains through the application Gonetta, Bibliografia Statuaria delle Corporanzie d'Arte mestieri d'ltalia.

better technical knowledge whilst the latter judged that higher In the State granted the hospital and convent San Donato a Torre, just outside the Prato Gate, for the use the Fathers and the benefaction was confirmed Giovanni de Mangiadori, the Florence. After labouring here for five years, more roomy quarters were sought, where, under the direction Mercato or Merchant the Monastery, the various processes manufacture could more conveniently At a Council State held May, at which interesting note that the Consuls the Wool Guild took part along with the Consuls the other four leading Guilds, lands and buildings, in the district Santa Lucia sul Prato, were allocated the use the Umiliati for the furtherance their industry.

In the same year the Brethren purchased for a sum four hundred and ninety-seven florins silver a piece land and two dwelling-houses from the Tornaquinci family for the purpose still more enlarging their establishment. The responsibilities the Monastery vastly increased, but were greatly lightened the direct dissertation editing service patronage and emulation the Guild Wool. the Brethren were again the move and this time, their own initiative, they established themselves upon the banks the Arno, just at the foot the Second Wall. Here they erected a hospital, which they dedicated Saint Catherine Alexandria, monastery buildings and workshops. Upon them they carved their heraldic arms, or trademark, a wool-pack crossed with ropes, and they named their establishment in honour Ognissanti All Saints. Quite near these new quarters was already a considerable population, labourers at the river quay, whilst not very far away were the public fishing-grounds, and a water-mill owned the State. The Umiliati were accompanied many families workers whom they had imparted their methods woollen manufacture.

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For them they built dwelling-houses and a corn-mill, along with warehouses and factories, where now-a-days runs the fashionable Lung Arno. Pens for dipping fleeces and dye works were erected the river-side.

In the meadows, and under the old wall, and beneath the projecting eaves the roofs the monastic buildings, were great wooden frames whereon the pieces woven cloth were stretched dry.

The district best online paper writing service soon became the centre an industrious and well-conducted community, and Borgo d'Ognissanti, with the Via Gora running through grew into an important and wealth-producing suburb the city. As the trade the Monastery increased, and this increase the commerce the Florentine wool merchants also grew enormously, the necessity for a bridge across the Arno became obvious. a wooden structure was thrown over the river permission the Podesta, Otto Mandola, which was given the name Alia Carraia account the number carts and waggons laden with wool, and pack-mules, which constantly crowded coming out the country, or going down This bridge also served another useful purpose, for provided the inhabitants the three Borghi or Suburbs, across the good site to buy essays river collectively known as Oltrarno, with a ready means access the new woollen factories. One these Borghi essay correction service was ignominiously called Pittiglioso because the poverty and squalor its denizens. These poor people were thus enabled obtain work, and speedily an entire transformation their district was effected Later in the history Florence Oltrarno became known the name Via de Bardi, after one the rich banking families Many provisions and laws were passed the Government the Republic, between and the end the century, which extended the privileges and powers in the Arno, and the whole riverside from the Ponte alia Carraia the junction the river Mugnone, with all the adjoining fields and gardens, in fact the beautiful Cascine modern Florence were allocated the use the Order for building new factories and workmen's houses. The woollen cloth manufactured in the workshops the Order was marked with their arms, a bale cloth tied with cords in the form a cross, with the letters SS. in the corners Omnium Sanctorum Conventus the Monastery All Saints.


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