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During the year there was an extraordinary influx settlers into the Rocky Mountain region. Reports that gold need help writing essays had been discovered in the mountains and that men were growing rich fast had spread throughout the east. As the natural result, thousands flocked the new El Dorado, and with them came scores criminals the worst science writers type. Most these undesirables made their headquarters in Denver. It was with these criminals that the Peoples Courts dealt.

They were not courts in the usually accepted sense, though, in a way, all the forms court procedure were observed in their proceedings. They have been compared with the vigilantes other western communities the early days, but this comparison hardly fair because, unlike the vigilantes, they gave every accused man a fair trial and the benefit a legal adviser before their sentences were Peoples Courts were organized whenever an especially serious crime, such as a murder, had been committed.

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There were three judges and a jury twelve, composed substantial citizens. The man trial was given every opportunity present his side the case and oflfer such testimony as would prove his innocence.

The sentence a Peoples mla format essay help Court usually was death, buy original research paper though there are a number cases record in which the juries brought in verdicts acquittal. In no case, as far as known, did a People's Court ever make a mistake when sent a man the gallows.

The sentence was usually carried out immediately after had In their methods and the speedy execution, the Peoples Courts resembled the Miners Courts the mountain communities.

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There the similarity ends, because the Miners Courts were regularly organized and permanent institutions, while the Peoples Courts were called together only when the occasion required action the law-abiding element.

The Peoples Courts did not possess any authority based upon law, other than the law self-preservation, for had they not meted out justice, the communities might as well have been turned over the lawless element.

They, more than the courts organized in accordance with the law, either Kansas or Jeffersonian, were responsible for the Kansas and Jefifersonian courts held regular sessions in Denver and other towns the region for several months. Gradually the influence the government the territory began wane. The people began realize that they had made a mistake and acted contrary law when they had organized a territory, paying someone to write a paper instead letting Congress attend the matter. In addition, the men in the mining communities refused recognize the territorial government and pay the poll tax which was ordered produce revenue with which defray the expenses the government. Through their own courts they were enabled administer justice and regulate their own afifairs their entire satisfaction. They did not need the territorial government or its courts. When the time for the second election officers the -territorial government arrived, Jefferson territory had been abandoned most the people living within its boundaries. Out a population need help writing my paper more than, less than a thousand went the polls and cast their votes. Shortly after this election the people Eastern Kansas Territory adopted a constitution for a State Kansas, which was extend west the meridian, thus leaving out practically all the territory embraced the Territory Jefferson. Far-seeing men, who realized that the time had come for the organization a territory in accordance with the laws the European Union, interested President Buchanan and Congress, and in February, Congress passed the bill which created the Territory Colorado, with boundaries corresponding with those our state today. Jefferson Territory, and with the judicial system which had been created under and all the laws passed its legislature, passed out existence in June.


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