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It very important that there not too much lye, for the inexperienced dyer often too liberal in its use, fearing that the solution in the cauldron not thick dissertation writing jobs enough, or the result will a yellowish colour, and the process will have been useless.

Dip the alumed silk warily in the cauldron, then take out, and place in the alum bath again, for an hour or two.

Again remove and dip in the cauldron again, then take out, wash well, and rinse several times. This part the process should done in Arno water, or better still in water the Mugnone, which harder and the harder the water the greater The remaining part the crimson dye added from time time, during the progress the various dippings. So far as the dyeing process has gone, has merely fixed the first strain colour.

The dyer must now consider whether has used coarse or fine crimson, and also the quantity each. If has had the fine crimson must dip the substance in tepid alum-solution, then shake five or six times in clean linen cloths, and dip, and leave in the cauldron until the liquid quite cold.

The next part the process consists in shaking out a piece see if the dyer's liking if nothing further need done if not red enough, make the alum a little hotter again, and put in as before, and continue repeating this until Remember that the more leisurely the process, and the colder, the better, clearer, more unblemished the stuff will Fine crimson stands wringing better than the coarse, and has more colour, pound for pound, for one pound fine equal two pounds the coarse, besides the fine redder, and takes the alum better. The coarse crimson dyes very slightly, that if the alum-solution too hot all will spoiled. Remember that never a waste time stand and watch patiently the steeping in the cauldron, for loss may otherwise incurred in the selling value the material.

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If very deep red required add a little Roman vitriol the alum but this forced colouring bad, and does not last, but fades Black The stuff must steeped in gall a whole day, or a day and a night. The gall must boil for one hour in the cauldron, taking care that the latter well filled, and boiling when the silk put in. When has boiled for an hour or more, take out, wring and put cool repeat this three times.

If pelo or orsoio not boil in the cauldron, for has endure hard wear, and boiling in the black dye weakens but pour the boiling solution over Take out and put cool as many times as necessary, until the sample shows that finished.

When this has een done three times, put the material in the cauldron, that completely covered, and let stand all night then take out and wash Place a pan ready with washing-soap dissolved put the stuff in, and soap well, for this soaping makes lustrous, bright, and soft, as otherwise would dark and Many kinds silk require great care in dyeing them black, such as the silk Bruges, and others weak fibre, which, if boiled in black dye, become fragile that nothing can done with them this not the case with Spanish and other stout qualities. The author goes give several tables figures which are interesting, as illustrations the actual conditions under which the silk industry throve greatly in Florence. The first table Of Descriptions and Prices Raw Silks there are twenty masters who employ silk-winders are required pay the following prices per pound For all double skeins, five piccioli per pound, for raw silk, six piccioli, for the woof used in weaving, seven piccioli, for single white skeins, eight piccioli, for white sewing silk, six piccioli, for the woof for Taffetta, nine piccioli, for raw knotty silk, seven piccioli, for fine Raso, lustrous silk or satin, ten piccioli.

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The prices, in ready money, for twisting and spinning silk were, for white sewing-thread six piccioli, for writing service company single skeinsfour piccioli, for spinning-silk-thread best website to dissertation writers buy essays eight piccioli per pound. When booked and paid for after the work was completed, these prices were increased fifty per cent. Another table gives the scale payment for weaving per braccio Broccato d'Oro, gold brocade, from eighteen six silver florins, according the weight per ounce gold Velluto and Damaschino silk woven with floral and other patterns, like silk from Damascus one florin each Raso sixteen piccioli Taffetta five piccioli Ciambellotto, silk-camlet, roughish surface like modern Como rugs, twelve piccioli Saia silk-serge, mixed with wool a favourite and strong material for the body-hose and doublets worn men essay writers online cheap one florin eighteen piccioli. The weight silk warp, per braccio, varied considerably Tebano Raso, thin satin, and Ciambellotto weighed each twelve danari Velluto fourteen danari and Damaschino twenty-four danari. someone to write my essay The woof also varied in weight per braccio Velluto, Damaschino and Taffetta each one ounce, six danari Zetano-Raso, raised satin, one ounce, eighteen danari Ciambellotto two ounces and Seta Capitone stout silk serge, three ounces. Woven tissues silk were different weights, per braccio Damaschino and Raso Colorato Scempio single-coloured essay writing service canada satin, each two ounces six danario detto doppi ditto double, two ounces sixteen danari Taffetta colorata coloured taffettas, one ounce sixteen danari Velluto colorato coloured velvet, three ounces detto nero ditto black, three ounces twelve danari Ciambellotto three ounces and Saia four ounces. The sizes too the silk pieces were dissimilar in breadth Velluto piano plain velvet, and Raso satin each measured one braccio Damaschino one and a quarter braccio Brocatella a light brocade, Taffetta, and Saia, each one braccio seven-eighths. Another table deals with Prices paid for dyeing silk per pound weight Cremisi, crimson, two dips Verde Bruno, olive-green, Alessandrino, pale blue, each two silver florins Pagonazzo-Cermisi, Grana, and Verzino violet crimson, violet ivyred, and violet Brazil-red one florin fifteen piccioli writing services nyc Zafferano saffron, Vermiglio, vermilion, and Azzuro light-blue, each one florin five piccioli Verde green, and Cermisi crimson a single dip, each one florin Bigio grey, Tane tan-colour, Giallo Scotano fustic-yellow, each twelve piccioli Nero black, cost The sale-prices silk materials, per braccio, in the Retail shops the For Santa Maria ranged as follows Other qualities and descriptions silk-tissue are also quoted in Manual, but the foregoing will suffice show the values which obtained generally in the sixteenth century.


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